Veterinary Nurses Council Election Results - Voting Figures Up

12 May 2006

The results of the RCVS Veterinary Nurses Council elections have been announced today and those elected to Council include three VNs who have not served before.  

Voting numbers were up by 67% on 2004's figure - at 823 returns compared with 494. There was no election in 2005 as there were insufficient candidates to contest the available places. 


The 2006 votes fell as follows:


Hilary Orpet






Josephine Yates






Margaret Moore






Elizabeth Branscombe






Helen Mouzer




Gillian Young




Emily Canning




The two candidates gaining the highest numbers of votes (Hilary Orpet and Josephine Yates) will hold their VNC positions for four years. The next two most voted-for candidates, Margaret Moore (who is an existing Council member) and Elizabeth Branscombe, will serve one year each, as they fill positions vacated mid-term by Wendy Busby and Sally Davis.  

All four will take up their places on RCVS Day, 7 July 2006.  

VNC is the interface between veterinary nurses and the RCVS Council and comprises eight elected veterinary nurses, three RCVS Council Members (veterinary surgeons), three non-RCVS Council veterinary surgeons and two lay members, one being the current Lantra (Skills Council) representative. There are also invited observers from BVNA and BVA. 

VNC has overall responsibility for all matters concerning post-qualification awards and the registration (listing) of qualified veterinary nurses. The NVQ is the responsibility of the RCVS Awarding Body, a separate body that is accountable to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority as well as to the RCVS, its parent organisation.  


For more information please contact:

Lizzie Lockett (020 7202 0725)
External Affairs Department
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons


1. The RCVS is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons in the UK and deals with issues of professional misconduct, maintaining the register of veterinary surgeons eligible to practise in the UK and assuring standards of veterinary education.

2. The RCVS has two key functions in relation to veterinary nursing: the maintenance of the statutory list of veterinary nurses and the award of veterinary nursing NVQs and RCVS diploma qualifications.

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