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Review Group reports

11 November 2011

At RCVS Day on 1 July 2011, outgoing President Peter Jinman announced that a review would be carried out into the circumstances that led to higher-than-expected expenditure on the College’s new database and development works in the Lower Ground Floor at Belgravia House.

The Officer team asked Professor Bill McKelvey – a member of the College’s Governance Review Group – and two of the College’s Privy Council-appointed Council members to look at all aspects that relate to its budgeting and expenditure process, and propose lessons that should be learned.

The setting up of the enquiry was cleared and approved by Sir David Barnes, who chairs the RCVS Governance Review Group.

At its 3 November 2011 meeting, Council received the report from Professor McKelvey’s Group, which made a range of recommendations that Council welcomed and agreed to take on board.

Some of the issues had already been under discussion prior to the Council meeting.

“That such a review was required is regretted, but I would like to thank Professor McKelvey, Richard Davis and Judith Webb for their diligence in this work,” says Dr Jerry Davies, RCVS President. “Their recommendations will be a very helpful addition to the work that is currently underway to ensure corporate governance is fit for purpose and, in particular, that the management of capital projects within the College is optimised.”

The recommendations of the report, which were adopted by Council, can be downloaded from ‘Related documents’ box on the right.

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