Reminding veterinary nurses of annual renewal

28 September 2017

This week we will be contacting all registered veterinary nurses reminding them that their annual renewal fee for 2017-18 is due.

We will send the annual renewal notice to the majority of veterinary nurses by email, with only about 350 receiving it by post. Text message reminders will also be sent to those for whom we hold a mobile number.

Nicola South, Head of Registration, said: “Last year saw a definite increase in the number of veterinary nurses who renewed on time, which is really wonderful.

“This year we just wanted to remind everyone that the College will be closed on the final day of the deadline, Friday 29 December so there won’t be any of the Registration team available in the office to assist with any login or payment issues. If anybody has any problems renewing before then, however, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.”

The annual renewal fee of £64 is due for payment by 1 November, and if a veterinary nurse does not pay the annual renewal fee by the end of the year they will be removed from the Register.

Payments by debit or credit card can be made online via the ‘My Account’ area or by cheque, bank draft or bank transfer.

All veterinary nurses also need to confirm their Register details and their compliance with our CPD requirement of 45 hours over a three-year rolling period, and declare any convictions, cautions and/or adverse findings.

Any veterinary nurses who have not received an annual renewal email or letter by Monday 9 October should contact the Registration Department.

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