RCVS looking to move building

10 July 2019

The RCVS, currently based at Belgravia House (62-64 Horseferry Road, London), is inviting tenders for finding a new building for the College.

The current building, a freehold property in Westminster, is no longer suitable to meet the needs of the College as we have grown substantially in size.

We are selling our building and have appointed agents to help us with this process and are now looking for advisors to assist us in in finding a replacement property.

Requirements for the new property

The property should be in central London, near good transport hubs, have sufficient space for administration areas and flexible meeting spaces.

We currently have 100 staff based at Belgravia House and a range of meeting rooms - from small 2-3 person meeting rooms up to spaces that can accommodate 150 people standing. We are looking for an increase in desk capacity and meeting room spaces.

We hold Disciplinary Committee (DC) hearings which need up to eight rooms, mainly small rooms and one large room, and one of the requirements for the replacement building would be to have sufficient capacity to accommodate DC hearings and several other meetings at the same time.

The building should provide sufficient capacity for growth of the College for the next 25 years.

Tender document

If you decide to tender, the following information must be included in your proposal:

  1. Details of the skills and relevant experience your organisation has to fulfil our requirements
  2. Your approach to finding the new property
  3. Estimated costs, including VAT where appropriate
  4. Proposed timings
  5. Explain how you protect information and manage any potential financial, commercial and legal risks
  6. Your views on the current market and whom you would target
  7. Who would be in the team, together with background information about them

Tenders must be submitted by the 5th August 2019. Please send a soft copy by email to Corrie McCann, Director of Operations, on c.mccann@rcvs.org.uk and a hard copy by post. If you would like to tender and require further information, please feel free to contact Corrie on 0207 202 0724.

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