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RCVS Council and VN Council election results

9 May 2008

The results of the RCVS Council and VN Council elections have been announced.

Just over 17% of the RCVS membership voted in the Council elections – the turn-out is consistently around this mark. New faces on Council include Richard Stephenson, Charles Gruchy and Catherine Goldie. Dr Barry Johnson (first elected to Council in 1985) and Dr Christopher Chesney (first elected in 1996) have been voted on for further terms. Dr Robert Ellis, who has had three previous periods on Council, has been re-elected.

The votes were cast as follows:

Richard Stanley Stephenson 2,728 - Elected

James Barry Johnson 2,057 - Elected

Christopher James Chesney 1,739 - Elected

Charles Edward Gruchy 1,622 - Elected

Robert Nigel Ward Ellis 1,532 - Elected

Catherine Anne Goldie 1,378 - Elected

David Michael McDowell 1,372 - Not Elected

Neil Christopher Smith 1,353 - Not Elected

Alison Margaret Bean Lambert 1,346 - Not Elected

Thomas Lonsdale 358 - Not Elected


Meanwhile about 9% of registered and listed veterinary nurses cast their vote in the VN Council elections. At 680, the number of votes was up 100 on last year, but the turnout remains disappointing low. Dot Creighton, current Vice-Chairman, will continue on Council for another term, and Katherine Kissick has been newly-elected.

The votes were cast as follows:

Dorothy Elizabeth Creighton 284 - Elected

Katherine Elizabeth Kissick 192 - Elected

Hannah Patricia Kay 179 - Not Elected

Rebecca Louise Bevan 160 - Not Elected

Angiy Michael 151 - Not Elected

Diane Elizabeth Guinan 129 - Not Elected

Wendy Jane Miller-Smith 86 - Not Elected

New members of both Councils will take up their posts on RCVS Day, which is being held at One Great George Street, London, on 4 July this year. All will serve four-year terms.

All members and listed / registered veterinary nurses are welcome to RCVS Day. Contact Fiona Clark for more information on or 020 7202 0773.

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