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RCVS and VN Councils elections results published

28 April 2011

All votes for the 2011 RCVS Council and Veterinary Nurse Council elections have been counted and the results are now in.


For the first time in eight years, all six successful RCVS Council candidates have served on Council before, although one – Sandy Trees – is currently an appointed, rather than an elected, member.

For VN Council, one existing member has been returned and two new members have been elected.

However, following rises in previous turnouts, voting figures have dropped markedly this year in both RCVS and VN Councils elections, to 15.9% (3,887 voters) and 7.6% (723 voters) respectively. The previous turnouts were 18.8% (in 2010) and 11.2% (in 2009).

The results of the two elections are as follows:


RCVS Council election

Candidate Number of votes  
Sheila Crispin 2,281 Elected
Sandy Trees 2,247 Elected
Bob Moore 1,890 Elected
Mark Elliott 1,821 Elected
Lynne Hill 1,711 Elected
Beverley Cottrell 1,604 Elected
Jonathan Bray 1,494  
David Mason 1,358  
Adi Nell 1,163  
Tom Lonsdale 363  


VN Council election

Candidate Number of votes  
Elizabeth Branscombe 430 Elected
Elizabeth Cox 335 Elected
Tanya Caley 332 Elected
Rachel Smith 328  


An additional vacancy arose on VN Council this year due to an existing member retiring early; hence, Tanya Caley, as third-place candidate, will take up that seat for the remaining one year of the term.

RCVS Registrar Jane Hern said: “It’s certainly disappointing that the turnout has dropped so much this year. It’s unclear whether this is due to lack of time, lack of awareness, or lack of interest, but perhaps anyone who didn’t vote could let us know why, so we can see what we could do to increase participation.

“Nevertheless, my congratulations to all successful candidates, who I look forward to formally welcoming, or welcoming back, onto the Councils at RCVS Day in July, and my commiserations to those who were unsuccessful this time and who I hope won’t be discouraged from standing again next year.”

This year’s chosen charity – the Veterinary Benevolent Fund – will receive a cheque for £922 arising from the College’s pledge to donate 20p for each veterinary surgeon and veterinary nurse who cast a vote.


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