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Names removed from Register for non-payment of fees

16 August 2005

Please note: This article is now archived and a list of veterinary surgeons removed is no longer available to view. The veterinary surgeons listed might have since paid their fees, been restored to the Register and permitted to resume veterinary practice. You are advised to check the RCVS Register to determine the current Register status of any RCVS member.

The names of the members removed from the RCVS Register with effect from 1 August 2005, by reason of non-payment of the annual retention fee due on 31 March 2005, have been published. 

This action has been taken in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and the Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Practitioners (Registration) Regulations 2004. 

If, however, any such member has changed his/her address without notifying the RCVS, the reminders sent out earlier in the year may have gone astray.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of a person listed, or has a different address for them to that listed in the RCVS Register of Members 2004, should please contact the Membership Department on +44 (0)20 7202 0739 or or ask that person to do so.

It would be a matter of particular regret if any of the names set out should relate to members who have died. The RCVS is not always notified of such circumstances, particularly in relation to members with whom contact has been lost. Again, please let us know If any such names have been included in the list published.

Any member who wishes to restore their name to the Register should make immediate application to the Membership Department, sending with his/her application the outstanding amount due in respect of his/her annual fee, together with the restoration fee of £122 required by the Regulations.

A member whose name has been removed from the Register may not practise veterinary surgery until it has been restored.

Earlier deadline

Members are reminded that in June 2005, RCVS Council approved measures to bring forward the annual date of removal of members for non-payment of the retention fee from 1 August to 30 May (the fee is due on 31 March) of each year.

Additionally, the restoration fee from 1 April 2006 will be set at the annual home practising fee. To cover the additional administration costs involved in restoring names to the Register, this fee will be increased by 100% each time a member has been removed for non-payment.

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