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Jim Gourley Prize

12 April 2007

RCVS Trust seeks applications for Jim Gourley Prize for innovation in practice

The RCVS Trust is offering the Jim Gourley Prize again this year.

The Jim Gourley Prize is open to veterinary surgeons currently in general practice, or who have spent at least twenty years in general practice, and exists to highlight and reward outstanding write-ups of practical techniques or equipment found to be effective and beneficial to veterinary patients' welfare. The winning article and best of the rest will be published in The Veterinary Times. In addition the winner will receive a cash prize of £600 and a small gift.

Jim Gourley, Hon FRCVS,was a practical veterinary surgeon who wrote up many case histories for publication in The Veterinary Times. He generously set up the prize fund to encourage veterinarians to share their expertise and knowledge through publication of good quality, practical articles.

Articles submitted for The Jim Gourley Prize may include

  • innovative ideas in veterinary medicine, clinical practice tips, experience or insights gained in the diagnosis and management of clinical cases
  • case histories based on surgical/manipulative techniques - or adaptations of recognised techniques - especially those that have involved innovation or ingenuity, not necessarily using complicated or expensive equipment
  • thought processes involved in solving a problem that has arisen in practice, showing colleagues things that have been found to be useful - that is, sharing the art of veterinary surgery and medicine

The closing date for this award is 31 May 2007.

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