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Caernarfon-based vet removed from Register for conviction for conspiracy to kidnap

11 March 2022

The RCVS Disciplinary Committee has directed that a veterinary surgeon be removed from the Register after she was convicted at Mold Crown Court in December 2020 and sentenced at Caernarfon Crown Court in September 2021 for conspiracy to kidnap.

The hearing for Dr Anke Hill took place on 7 March 2022. Dr Hill did not attend the hearing as she was serving her prison sentence at the time of the hearing, and she was not represented. Dr Hill had one conviction for conspiracy to kidnap and received an extended sentence of 19 years and 5 months, a restraining order for an indefinite period and a £190 victim surcharge.

Nicole Curtis represented the RCVS throughout the hearing and acknowledged the absence of Dr Hill and invited the proceedings to begin in her absence. She outlined that Dr Hill knew of the proceedings but had made it clear in correspondence that she did not wish to participate.

In relation to the charges, the Committee was presented with the sentencing remarks from Dr Hill’s conviction at Mold Crown Court. The judge outlined that Dr Hill had played a key part in a conspiracy to kidnap. This conspiracy involved the abduction of a child at knifepoint and the involvement of a number of other individuals in an attempt to secure an unhindered passage out of the country. Due to the prompt action of the police, Dr Hill was arrested some four hours after the abduction and while still in the UK. The victim of the kidnap was freed at the same time.

In sentencing Dr Hill, the Judge had noted that the offence had been committed whilst Dr Hill was on bail for a previous conspiracy to kidnap. The judge outlined that the kidnap had caused the victim and the people responsible for their care, “unspeakable misery and considerable harm”. The judge also outlined how Dr Hill, with one other person, was the leader of the conspiracy and that Dr Hill posed a significant risk of causing serious harm in the future.

Dr Hazel Bentall, chairing the Committee and speaking on its behalf, said: “The Committee took into account a number of aggravating features when considering the sanctions. In particular, the Committee considered that the conviction arose as a result of careful planning over several months and involved the use of violence. The Committee concluded that there were no mitigating factors apart from that Dr Hill had no previous regulatory history and that the only appropriate and proportionate sanction was that Dr Hill’s removal from the Register of veterinary surgeons be maintained.”

Dr Hill has 28 days from being notified of her removal from the Register to lodge an appeal with the Privy Council.

The Committee’s full findings can be viewed on our disciplinary hearings webpage

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