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Standards & Advice update: July 2022

We have been asked by a local police force to remind the profession of the regulations around transportation and storage of firearms for professional purposes.

Those with a firearms licence which is used during the course of their veterinary duties should be mindful of the following guidance from the Firearms Security Handbook 2020:

7.44 Where vehicles in which section 5 firearms are carried for professional use, e.g. vets, are not fitted with immobilisers or alarms, then aftermarket systems should be fitted should be fitted.

7.45 Firearms should always be stored in the locked boot or other secured, preferably unglazed, load carrying area of the vehicle.

7.46 The firearm and ammunition should not be stored together. Where the boot or load carrying area is the most practical place, ammunition should be locked in an appropriate container, secured to the vehicle.

7.47 If a handgun, it should be kept in a locked container secured to the vehicle.

7.48 Provision should be made for the securing of other firearms to the vehicles structure, e.g. security case, cage, cable or clamp.

Further information on storing and transporting firearms can be found online in the Home Office's Firearms security handbook 2020

If you have any questions please contact your local police force. A full directory of UK police forces is available. 

July 2022