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RCVS Academy helps practices prepare to welcome new team members

It’s that time of year again when many of you will be preparing to welcome new team members after a long summer. The RCVS Academy offers several free courses to prepare you to support these new team members, specifically the VetGDP Adviser and Clinical Supervisor courses.

VetGDP Adviser

Vet and graduate vet working together in a barn looking over a clipboardDo you want to become a VetGDP Adviser and support new graduates in your workplace? If you’re a vet who has been on the UK practising register for at least 3 years and can offer structured, ongoing support, this rewarding role could be for you. VetGDP Adviser is a course designed to introduce the RCVS Veterinary Graduate Development Programme (VetGDP) and to help effectively support new veterinary surgeon graduates within the workplace.

The training consists of six accessible modules, complete with reflections and multiple-choice assessments after each. After successfully completing the course and signing the Adviser declaration, you will receive a certificate and become an accredited VetGDP Adviser.

Why VetGDP Adviser?

Jenny Soreskog-Turp, Lead for Postgraduate Education explains.

“The role of the VetGDP Adviser is so important for supporting new graduates in the workplace, ensuring that their first veterinary role is a positive experience with a good learning culture where they can grow into confident and competent veterinary surgeons. The course will provide you with information about the role of the VetGDP Adviser and about developments in educational research around supporting graduates in the workplace. You will explore best practices for coaching and providing feedback to graduates to help support their professional development.”

Clinical Supervisor

Senior nurse helping a student nurse with her workThis time of year also sees an influx of student veterinary nurses starting their roles and clinical placements. The RCVS Academy’s Clinical Supervisor course will enhance the ability of veterinary nurse and veterinary surgeon clinical coaches to guide their student veterinary nurses (SVNs) to meet the Day One Skills they need to possess upon completing their training to join the Register. The course does not replace the requirement to complete the clinical coach training provided by their specific college or university, but should be used to complement this and help promote an understanding of the RCVS requirements.

Why Clinical Supervisor?

Shirley Gibbins, Qualifications Lead at the RCVS explains.

“The role of the Clinical Supervisor is such an important aspect of training student veterinary nurses and includes a lot of skill and expertise. The Clinical Supervisor course offers an opportunity to develop various elements of the assessor-type role, including consideration of growth mindset and mentoring, as well as offering detailed discussion and guidance for the assessment of the Day One Skills. This course can help Clinical Supervisors at any stage of their career, and it’s great that you can quickly review certain aspects, without needing to complete the whole course again.”

Accessing the courses

Both courses are free to access via the RCVS Academy using your My Account login details, where many more courses for veterinary professionals are also available. 

Learning on the Academy is developed by the RCVS and offers the ability to plan and track your learning. QR codes and direct links make it simple to record and reflect on what you have learned in the RCVS 1CPD platform, which all registered professionals must now use to meet the RCVS CPD requirements.

Anyone with any questions or feedback for the Academy please contact [email protected].

August 2023