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Learning with the RCVS Academy – Exploring Ownership

The RCVS Academy is a free, digital learning platform for the veterinary professions launched in June 2022. It provides a wide range of courses in multiple areas such as CPD, ownership disputes, client communication and VetGDP Adviser training.

Each course has been developed by the RCVS and offers the ability to plan and access your learning at any time. Designed with you in mind, we will continue to launch new courses on the Academy and keep you up to date on all it has to offer.  

Our Ownership course provides veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses with a greater understanding of the responsibilities and issues surrounding pet ownership and informed consent. In three 15-minute bite sized modules, the course includes:  

  • Informed consent – understand the role informed consent plays when clients request veterinary treatment from your practice 
  • Microchipping – explore the role of microchips in small animals, and when you must, should, or might scan for one
  • Ownership disputes – learn how to prepare for and manage a potential ownership dispute 

RCVS Academy Manager, Jennifer Ayers, said: “As one of the first courses that we launched, our Ownership modules provide valuable further learning surrounding pet ownership and informed consent. Whilst the modules have not been designed as a substitute for reading and understanding the relevant sections of the Code of Conduct and its supporting guidance, they provide support to help to develop further understanding on how to apply the guidance in practice.

“The Academy is a free CPD resource for all registered veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses and we are always seeking to make it as relevant and useful as it can be for the professions. It’s your resource, so we welcome your feedback and further thoughts on courses for the future.”

The Ownership course can be accessed from the RCVS Academy (using the ‘My Account’ login details), where you can also explore all Academy courses.

QR codes and direct links from all Academy courses make it simple to record and reflect on learning in the RCVS 1CPD platform. For any further queries or feedback on the Academy, please get in touch at [email protected].

The Code of Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons and the Code of Conduct for Veterinary Nurses as well as supporting guidance, can be found on the RCVS Advice & Guidance page

November 2022