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Working with change, a webinar with Dr Leslie Brissett

Working with change, a webinar with Dr Leslie Brissett

Date: Thursday 9th July 2020

Opening times: 13.00 - 14.00

Venue: Webinar


As a part of our Leadership initiative, we are running a series of free webinars for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses to address the challenges of leading and working with colleagues and clients through the coronavirus pandemic.

This hour-long session on Working with change is in collaboration with the Tavistock Institute, a not-for-profit organisation that applies social science methodologies to contemporary issues and problems, and will be led by experts in the field of organisational development and change with this second webinar being led by Dr Leslie Brissett PhD, Director of the Group Relations Programme, Company Secretary & Principal Researcher/Consultant at the Tavistock Institute.

There are four webinars in the series tackling a specific theme each week, each of which builds upon the last, listeners will be provided with advice, guidance and coaching to enable them to grow their understanding and confidence so that they feel better placed to negotiate, lead, or support others, during these uncertain times.  Each of the sessions will also be recorded and made available later.

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