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VN Awareness Month interviews: Jen Ayers RVN

Jennifer Ayers RVN - RCVS Academy Manager

For VN Awareness Month in May 2023, we are profiling RCVS staff members who are registered veterinary nurses, to talk to them about their careers in vet nursing, the experience they bring to their role at the RCVS, and why it's so important to celebrate the vet nurse role. This interview is with Jen Ayers, who manages the RCVS Academy, the free, online learning platform that aims to help members of the professions better meet their professional responsibilities. 

1. Tell us about your career as a veterinary nurse prior to joining the RCVS?

Jen Ayers I spent much of my clinical practice time in charity hospitals and finally working nights, focusing on emergency and critical care whilst gaining my CertVN ECC. My career then took a step into public education as I worked as a community and education nurse which involved a variety of responsibilities and experiences! I continued my work in education as a university and college lecturer teaching our future veterinary nurses. I enjoyed supporting the profession, so I stepped into learning and development working to provide CPD programmes to support development and promote career progression for our veterinary teams.  

2. What is your current role at the RCVS?

I’m the Academy Manager for the new RCVS Academy which is a digital learning platform offering CPD for our vets and nurses. It’s a great opportunity to develop learning that suits the evolving needs of our busy professionals. Having worked a range of shift patterns over the years, I understand how valuable flexible and accessible learning is to support career development. I’m currently continuing my own career progression working towards a diploma in organisational learning and development.  

3. How does your veterinary nursing career impact how you approach your job on a day-to-day basis?

Everything I do at work fundamentally links to my passion for animal health and welfare. I recognise that through supporting the learning and development of our veterinary teams, we can improve and advance the care that we provide to animals, owners, and the public. As we develop our learning content on the Academy, I always draw from my practice experience to consider how relevant and engaging this will be for veterinary teams.   

4. Why do you think it is so important to recognise and celebrate the VN profession?

The knowledge and skillset of registered veterinary nurses is vast and varied. I continue to be both impressed and proud of what veterinary nurses do. Although, I am never surprised, and I think that’s just indicative of how much I believe in what we do and can achieve. The profession is driven by a resolute passion that continues to challenge, break barriers and make change to improve animal welfare.

Published on 18 May 2023

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