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RCVS Academy - Benefits of Digital Learning

Jennifer Ayers RVN - RCVS Academy Manager

With a greater demand on our time and need to often contort ourselves around various work and home commitments, grasping learning and development opportunities is often a challenge. The changing landscape of workplace learning has allowed us to explore alternatives to the traditional attendance lectures and workshops.

So, whilst our desire for learning and CPD requirements continue, we look to digital learning to support us in our roles and career progression. Once the leap to log-in has been made, digital learning offers a huge range of benefits that propels workplace learning.

  • Unlimited access. Hosting online allows us to access learning at any time we wish. This is incredibly valuable in professions that function 24/7 throughout the whole year and the need to pick-up and drop learning at any point is crucial.  
  • Access anywhere. Digital learning can be completed anywhere! With no travel requirements, you can further reduce your learning costs and learn from your own abode or grab a change of scenery and log-in at your local establishments.  
  • No fixed time. Without the constraints of an arranged training date and time, you can choose when you want to learn and simply adjust it when plans need to change.  
  • Free. There are huge quantities of online learning materials that are offered free of charge. Whilst some may require a free-sign-up, many are completely open-access so there’s no need to dip into that CPD allowance.
  • Variety of tools. We all experience learning differently and have preferences as well as our dislikes. Digital innovations offer a wide variety of interactive and visual tools that provide accessible learning journeys for everyone.
  • Interaction. Digital learning still offers the opportunity to interact, feedback and network. Discussion forums, feedback forms, question boards and messaging channels offer the chance to interact with other learners and experts to further your development.    
    The RCVS Academy provides free digital learning for our veterinary professionals with a range of short and modular courses available. It couldn’t be easier to take the log-in leap today and sign-in with your RCVS My Account details. Head to and explore learning and development that works for you! 

Published on 27 February 2023

Tags: Lifelong learning