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Could you become a VetGDP Adviser?

Your profession needs you!

Can you help support and develop the veterinary graduates you employ from summer 2021? If you are a vet who has been on the UK-practising register for a minimum of three years and have the capacity to offer structured ongoing support to veterinary graduates in your workplace, then this highly rewarding and fulfilling role could be right for you. We are offering free online training from April 2021 to vets who would like to become VetGDP Advisers.

Graduate vet on farm

Free online training

The topics covered are:

  • Giving effective feedback
  • Coaching techniques
  • Supporting graduates through guided reflection
  • Realistic goal-setting
  • How to carry out a successful VetGDP progress review
  • Mentoring

The training is available in an e-learning package comprising around 20 hours of learning via a mix of learning methods including case studies, recorded lectures, selected reading and presentations from leading international experts. The time you spend on this training can count towards your CPD hourly targets for the year.

As the training is entirely online it is flexible, allowing you to fit it around your other commitments. You are free to work at a pace to suit you, providing you have successfully completed the training before you employ a veterinary graduate.

Time commitment

After you have successfully completed the training we will ask you to sign a declaration agreeing to provide the graduate(s) employed in your workplace with regular support, and engage with quality assurance activities regarding the programme.

The time commitment will equate to spending a minimum of one hour per week, per graduate, throughout the programme. You must spend sufficient time in the same practice site as the graduate(s) to have the opportunity to observe and meet with them.

VetGDP Advisers

Having completed the training and made your commitment to support the graduate(s) in your workplace, you will become a VetGDP Adviser and the practice you work at will be designated an RCVS-Approved Graduate Development Practice (or RCVS-Approved Graduate Development Employer if you are not a veterinary practice).

This will indicate to potential veterinary graduates that they can apply to work at your practice or workplace knowing they will be able to enrol on the VetGDP and receive support to help their professional development.

Employers who do not have a VetGDP Adviser will not be able to offer VetGDP, which will become mandatory for all new veterinary graduates from Summer 2021.

If you are planning to employ veterinary graduates, there will need to be a trained VetGDP Adviser in place at the time the graduate joins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Find out more about becoming a VetGDP Adviser

  • The online learning to become a VetGDP Adviser totals 20 hours and as the learning is done entirely online, it offers complete flexibility and means you can fit it around your other commitments.

    It also allows you to complete the training at a pace that suits you. You may also count the training towards your CPD target for the year.

    The expectation is that a minimum of one hour per graduate per week, or equivalent, is required to provide support to graduates once they are employed, and it may be that some of this time (with appropriate reflection) might also count as CPD.  

  • No. The practice and VetGDP Adviser will need to commit their time but there is no direct cost. The online learning for VetGDP Advisers will be provided by the RCVS free of charge. 

  • This is an opportunity to support the next generation of veterinary graduates as they establish themselves in their career and we anticipate that VetGDP Advisers will feel a great sense of achievement in doing so. As graduates receive targeted support depending on their capabilities they will grow in confidence, becoming a more productive member of the team, quickly. We also expect that they are likely to remain for longer in the workplace in which they complete VetGDP, helping retention rates.

    The VetGDP online training is a chance for vets to pursue a new form of CPD, and develop transferable skills that can benefit the VetGDP Adviser as well as the wider veterinary team such as reflection, developing a learning culture in practice, and encouraging a no-blame culture.

  • Yes. If you have taken time off the Register, for example of parental leave, but you have a total of three years on the UK-Practising Register you can register your interest in becoming a VetGDP Adviser.

    To find out more, email

  • To become a VetGDP Adviser you need to be a veterinary surgeon and have been on the UK-Practising Register for a minimum of three years.