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How do I record my CPD?

1CPD is our digital recording platform for vets and vet nurses to manage their CPD. It was introduced at the start of 2020, replacing the online Professional Development Record (PDR). 

1CPD makes it straightforward for you to plan, record and reflect on your CPD. It is available as an app for iOS and Android, as well as a web version. It incorporates features such as image uploads and voice recording, intuitive features that support the need to reflect on your CPD and the impact it has on your patients and/or practice.

1CPD allows you to record and reflect on the go rather than waiting until you are at your desk. The new platform is linked to your RCVS ‘My Account’ so you will only need one set of login details to access all your RCVS information.

This new system is absolutely marvellous! I have been in practice since 1993 and have always found recording CPD a chore. Now the recording of it is actually helpful to me in terms of short and long term planning of CPD. The ability to do it verbally and not to have to sit down and write makes it much less of a chore and easy to do on the fly.
Sara Davies MRCVS

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How will the 1CPD app help me reflect?  

How do I access 1CPD?

The 1CPD app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. It is also available as a web version.

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