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How do I plan my CPD?

Planning CPD in an effective way is integral to our outcomes-based CPD model. It allows you to think about areas for development and improvement, making the most of opportunities for learning as they arise.

Effective planning also allows you to take part in more cost-effective and relevant activities, rather than undertaking CPD which may be unrelated to your role and will not necessarily improve your professional practice.

We recommend regularly reviewing your learning and development needs, for example, through formal workplace appraisals and one-to-ones. Our 1CPD platform assists in this process by allowing you to schedule CPD activities and set objectives which may form part of a formal development plan.

And remember – CPD comes in a variety of forms and is not just about attending courses and congresses. The key is ensuring it is relevant to your role and develops your professional practice.


Meaningful CPD in practice

Tim Hutchinson MRCVS

I find it difficult to find time for CPD

Linda Prescott-Clements, RCVS Director of Education


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