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Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Our vision is to be recognised as a trusted, compassionate and proactive regulator, and a supportive and ambitious Royal College, underpinning confident veterinary professionals of whom the UK can be proud.

Front cover of RCVS Strategic Plan (2020 - 2024)Our strategic plan for 2020-2024 sets out how we will be working to achieve this vision, and is built on a foundation of four key ambitions: Clarity, Compassion, Courage and Confidence.

Our 2014-16 plan focused on the basics – enabling the RCVS to be a First-rate Regulator by improving our core functions, addressing our service agenda and strengthening our foundations.

The more recent 2017-19 plan took a much broader scope and looked at the future direction of the veterinary and veterinary nursing professions, informed by the joint RCVS / British Veterinary Association Vet Futures project and the joint RCVS and British Veterinary Nursing Association VN Futures initiative.

It covered issues such as learning culture, leadership, mental health, global reach and innovation, as well as continuing to be a relevant and forward-thinking regulator that strives for excellent service delivery.

Building on these two approaches, our new plan looks at the future of the RCVS as an organisation working on behalf of all its stakeholders, taking into account the future direction and needs of the professions and also the needs of the public, animal owners and, of course, animal health and welfare and public health.

We address what kind of regulator and Royal College we want to be, our place in the world, and how we can continue to remain relevant and ambitious.

Download the RCVS Strategic Plan 2020-2024