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Miss Priya Bapodra

Priya Bapodra
  • Location: USA
  • Year of Fellowship: 2023
  • Route to Fellowship: Meritorious Contributions to Clinical practice

Field of work

Clinical practice (charity)

Areas of special interest

  • Zoological Medicine
  • Giraffe Medicine, Anaesthesia and Nutrition
  • Great Ape Cardiovascular Disease

Areas of support

  • Collaborative research
  • Innovation in professional practice
  • One Health Agenda
  • Promoting knowledge and best practice
  • Public engagement

Professional positions

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Preventative Medicine, Ohio State University
  • AZA Bonobo Species Survival Plan Veterinary Advisor
  • AZA Giraffe Species Survival Plan Co-Veterinary Advisor
  • AZA Ape Taxon Advisory Group Co-Veterinary Advisor
  • Executive Committee, Great Ape Heart Project
  • Executive Committee, North American EEHV Advisory Group
  • Steering Committee, AZA Giraffe SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction)
  • AZA Animal Health Committee


  • AZA Research Award for Great Ape Heart Project, 2020


Priya Bapodra is currently a senior veterinarian at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. She obtained a Masters in Wild Animal Health from the Zoological Society of London and Royal Veterinary College, is a diplomate of the American College of Zoological Medicine, and an RCVS Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. She serves as an AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) bonobo Species Survival Plan (SSP), giraffe SSP, and ape Taxon Advisory Group veterinary advisor, and on the Executive Committees of the Great Ape Heart Project and North American Elephant Endotheliotrophic Herpesvirus Advisory Group.

Priya’s interests in megavertebrate, and specifically giraffe medicine has resulted in fieldwork alongside the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the Uganda Wildlife Authority. In 2017, she helped to co-found and now co-leads the National Giraffe Plasma Bank which has resulted in saving the lives of 13 giraffe calves across the US.

Through various professional leadership positions, Priya conducts collaborative and cross-disciplinary research to impact both animals under human care, and in their native range. Priya strives to continue to work towards improving animal wellbeing in zoos and collaboratively with peers to advance zoological medicine both in zoos in the US and globally, to work with veterinarians in range counties to build capacity as needed, and to engage with the community to share the successes and importance of zoos and aquariums in the conservation of species.

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