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Dr David Harwood

David Harwood
  • Location: Hampshire
  • Year of Fellowship: 2017
  • Route to Fellowship: Meritorious Contributions to the Profession

Field of work

Veterinary schools

Areas of special interest

  • Farm Animal Pathology
  • Goats.
  • Disease investigation

Areas of support

  • One Health Agenda
  • Professional mentoring
  • Public engagement

Professional positions

  • Visiting Reader in Veterinary Field Pathology, University of Surrey.
  • Honorary Veterinary Surgeon, British Goat Society.
  • Senior Vice President Goat Veterinary Society.


  • BVA Bleby Cup - 2018.


David graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1974, and spent the next 10 years in farm animal practice in Devon and Dorset where his interest in ruminant health began. He joined what was then the Veterinary Investigation Service (now APHA) in 1983 initially in Carmarthen transferring to Winchester in 1994 where he remained until 2014 when his "semi-retirement" began. During this time, he specialised in the investigation of farm animal disease by post-mortem examination, laboratory testing and farm investigation visits, contributing to the UK veterinary surveillance programme. He also undertook forensic post-mortem examination on behalf of Defra and RSPCA culminating in expert witness court work.

Since 2014 he has been involved with the new University of Surrey School of Veterinary Science, where he is currently a visiting Reader in Veterinary Field Pathology.

He is a past president of the British Cattle Veterinary Association and was instrumental in setting up its “Basic Approach” course the forerunner of its current Foundation Course aimed at new graduates.

He is Honorary Vet to the British Goat Society, SVP of the Goat Veterinary Society and regularly lectures around UK vet schools and elsewhere on goat health and welfare and other pathology related subjects.

He is the co-author of “Goat Medicine and Surgery,” and author of “The Veterinary Guide to Goat Health and Welfare,” and “Rural Tranquillity to National Crisis a Farm Vets Story.”

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