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Confidential Reporting Line

The confidential reporting line allows veterinary professionals, including veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and other members of the veterinary team to have informal, confidential, discussions with members of the Professional Conduct Department about potential fitness to practise issues, short of formally raising a concern.

Although any discussions via this reporting line or e-mail address are confidential, if a decision is taken to raise a formal concern about a veterinary surgeon or nurse, the person raising the concern will generally need to identify both themselves and the individual they wish to raise concerns about in order to take it through our investigation process.

More information about anonymity and confidentiality for both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses is available in the respective part of our Concerns section under 'What you need to know first'.

If you are a colleague of a veterinary surgeon or nurse and you wish to contact the RCVS in confidence, you can do so by calling 020 3795 5600 between 9am and 5pm, or by emailing [email protected]

The confidential reporting line and email address are answered by members of staff who are legally trained or experienced in handling concerns.

☎ 020 3795 5600            ✉ [email protected]