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Paper classification: some definitions

RCVS Committee and Council are classified according to their content. A list of classification definitions is provided below for reference.

Classifications explained


Papers will be published on the internet and recipients may share them and discuss them freely with anyone. This may include papers marked 'Draft'.


Temporarily available only to Council Members, non-Council members of the relevant committee, working party or Board and not for dissemination outside that group unless and until the relevant committee or Council has given approval for public discussion, consultation or publication. 


The paper includes personal data which should not be disclosed at any time or for any reason, unless the data subject has agreed otherwise. The Chairman may, however, indicate after discussion that there are general issues which can be disclosed, for example in reports to committees and Council. 

Classification rationales


1. To allow the Committee or Council to come to a view itself, before presenting to and/or consulting with others

2. To maintain the confidence of another organisation

3. To protect commercially sensitive information 

4. To maintain public confidence in and/or the RCVS 


5. To protect information which may contain personal data, special category data, and/or criminal offence data, as listed under the General Data Protection Regulation

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