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How do I record my CPD?

1CPD is our digital recording platform for vets and vet nurses to manage their CPD. It was introduced at the start of 2020, replacing the online Professional Development Record (PDR). 

1CPD makes it straightforward for you to plan, record and reflect on your CPD. It is available as an app for iOS and Android, as well as a web version. It incorporates features such as image uploads and voice recording, intuitive features that support the need to reflect on your CPD and the impact it has on your patients and/or practice.

1CPD makes it possible for you to record and reflect on the go rather than waiting until you are at your desk. The new platform is linked to your RCVS ‘My Account’ so you will only need one set of login details to access all your RCVS information.

This new system is absolutely marvellous! I have been in practice since 1993 and have always found recording CPD a chore. Now the recording of it is actually helpful to me in terms of short and long term planning of CPD. The ability to do it verbally and not to have to sit down and write makes it much less of a chore and easy to do on the fly.
Sara Davies MRCVS

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How will the 1CPD app help me reflect?  

How do I access 1CPD?

The 1CPD app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. It is also available as a web version.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1CPD digital platform

  • 1CPD has been developed in consultation with the profession to support your CPD in the most intuitive way possible. It includes features such as voice recording and image uploads which helps support planning and reflecting on your CPD.

    We strongly encourage you to use it; it will become mandatory from January 2022. 

  • 1CPD is available in app format for iOS (download from the App Store) and Android (download from Google Play). 

    It is also available as a web version if you can't or prefer not to use the app. 

  • Yes. The 1CPD app includes a ‘Help’ section within the app’s menu with tips and advice on how to use it.

    Since it’s a new platform we’re keen to hear any feedback you might have. You can submit feedback by selecting this option in the app’s menu and sending us an email. This feature is available in the web version too.

    You can also contact us directly at with any questions regarding the 1CPD platform.

    For general CPD enquiries, please email us at

  • No, 1CPD, the new digital recording platform replaced the PDR in January 2020. 

    All data in the PDR has been securely transferred to 1CPD. 

  • In line with the four UK governments’ plans for easing restrictions, practices across the UK are able to open without restrictions and provide services to clients in accordance with their professional judgement. However, practices are to be mindful of the ongoing requirement to maintain biosecurity and social distancing.

    The UK government still requires businesses to demonstrate robust strategies for managing the risk of transmission, so provisions such as social distancing / use of PPE etc, to ensure the safety of staff and clients will remain in force.

    It will therefore be for individual practices / premises to decide, according to their individual circumstances, how they will operate in compliance with these requirements. For example:

    • Ask clients if they or a member of their household are currently self-isolating or have tested positive for the virus when booking appointments and before attending any home/farm visits or offsite consultations.
    • Reduce the number of people attending the premises to the absolute minimum and limit physical contact with clients wherever possible. This could be achieved by asking that only one person accompanies an animal when attending the practice, or by asking clients to wait in the waiting room, outside or even in their cars while you examine their animal. The consultation with the owner could then take place over the telephone.
    • Ensure employees and clients wear face masks when on premises, including the consultation room, waiting area and any communal areas.
    • You may keep a record of clients attending your practice so that you can inform them if there is a positive case of coronavirus amongst your staff or other persons entering your premises. Whilst veterinary practices are not required to collect information via the QR code scanning system for the NHS Track and Trace programme, practices may consider implementing this system as part of the public health effort to contain the spread of coronavirus. The QR code service is only available in England and Wales. It allows visitors to scan the QR code when they arrive, using the NHS COVID-19 app. More information regarding the QR code in England and Wales is available on the government website.
    • You may sign up to workplace coronavirus testing: Defra Secretary of State George Eustice MP has encouraged employers in England to sign up to the government’s workplace coronavirus testing programme. This is a voluntary initiative for employers to sign up and for employee participation. To qualify for free lateral flow tests, applications must be registered by 31 March 2021. Please view further information.

    Please read the government’s guidance for employers and businesses in England (see guidance for WalesScotland and Northern Ireland).

    Contact the Advice Team: or 020 7202 0789

    Last updated: 12 April 2021

  • 1CPD data is secured using industry-standard mechanisms. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Access to RCVS servers and databases is restricted to specific members of staff, and firewalls restrict traffic appropriately.

  • Please refer to the 1CPD Privacy Policy, which is accessible within the app and on the website.

  • We will not ask for reflective records from veterinary surgeons or veterinary nurses as part of our concerns, investigation or disciplinary processes.

    However, we do not control the actions of the courts and recorded reflections, such as in ePortfolios or for CPD purposes, are not subject to legal privilege. Therefore disclosure of these documents might be requested by a court if it is concerned that they are relevant to the matters to be determined in litigation. The likelihood of records needing to be produced in court may be reduced if reflective records focus on reactions to, and learning from, an incident.