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About the VN Register

This section contains information about the non-statutory Register for Veterinary Nurses.

If you have not yet transferred from the List to the Register and wish to do so, please print off the Transfer to the VN Register Form, available to download from the 'Related documents' box on the right and return one copy to us.

Those joining the Register are known as registered veterinary nurses (RVNs), and their registration demonstrates to employers and the general public that they are keeping their skills up-to-date and are accountable for their professional conduct. 

The opening of the Register in 2007 marked a significant step forward in the regulation of VNs. It was the first step towards statutory regulation for veterinary nurses. All VNs listed since 1 January 2003 were automatically transferred to the Register. For others, registration has been voluntary.

The RCVS Strategic Plan for 2014-16 includes proposals to revise the RCVS Royal Charter in order to underpin the College’s regulation of veterinary nurses, placing them on a similar regulatory footing to veterinary surgeons. These proposals would effectively merge the old List with the Register, so that all veterinary nurses will be required to undertake continuing professional development and will be held accountable for their professional conduct.

RVNs are required to complete an average of 45 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) over a three-year period. You can download the CPD Record Card for Veterinary Nurses from the 'Related documents' box on the right, which explains what counts as CPD and how to record it.

RVNs also follow the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Nurses and, should there ever be an issue of serious professional misconduct, undergo a disciplinary process, similar to that for veterinary surgeons (introduced on 1 April 2011).

A full explanation of the terms and conditions of joining the Register can be found in the Veterinary Nursing Bye-Laws 2011, available to download from the 'Related documents' box, top right.

If these documents don't answer your questions, please contact the Veterinary Nursing Department on vetnursing@rcvs.org.uk or 020 7202 0788.


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