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Veterinary nurses voluntary removal and restoration

Voluntary removal

If you are no longer practising as a veterinary nurse and are not involved in any veterinary nursing related activity, then you can remove your name from the RCVS Register of Veterinary Nurses by completing the appropriate Voluntary Removal Form (see the 'Related documents' box).

If you are voluntarily removed from the Register, you can apply to be restored to the Register at a later date.    



If you have removed your name from the Register, and have been unregistered for less than five years, you may be restored to the Register at a later stage by completing the Registered VNs Restoration Form (see 'Related documents' box). Your restoration form will need to be submitted with the restoration payment of £51.00 and the annual registration fee.


Restoration - Period of Supervised Practice guidance for veterinary nurses

If you are returning to the Register of Veterinary Nurses after a period of five years absence or more, you will need to undertake a Period of Supervised Practice (PSP) before you are able to apply to restore to the Register. Full details and the application form are included in the PSP Guidance Notes (see 'Related documents' box).

Please note that you must apply to register for the PSP and have your registration confirmed by the RCVS before you are able to start your PSP. The PSP registration fee is £77.00.

If you have any queries on removal, restoration or the period of supervised practice, or are not sure which form to use, please contact the Veterinary Nursing Department.

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