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Gillams, Edward Mark, December 2013, Decision

... Edward Mark, December 2013, Decision 6 December 2013 194kb PDF RCVS Disciplinary hearing into Edward Mark Gillams - Decision Your download should start automatically. ...

Glasgow Visitation Report 2013

Glasgow Visitation Report 2013 6 June 2014 1290kb PDF Report of the visitation to the University of Glasgow 2013 Your download should start automatically. If not download directly .

Global veterinary medicine timeline Knowledge

Global veterinary medicine timeline BC c.3000 Mesopotamia. Urlugaledinna named as “expert in healing animals”. 2500 China. Veterinary treatises on horses and cattle. 2300 Babylonia. Eshuna Code ...

Good professional standing

... you have passed the statutory membership examination, you will be able to register as a member of RCVS, provided that the RCVS registration department has received and approved a letter or certificate ...

Government legislation

... legislation The RCVS regulates the veterinary profession in the UK in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. ...

Graduates from UK veterinary schools

... There are seven veterinary schools in the UK which award degrees that have been approved by the RCVS: University of Bristol University of Cambridge University of Edinburgh University of Glasgow ...

Graduates of Commonwealth countries

... your application, please contact the Registration Department on 020 7202 0707 or .   What you need to send to us You will need to send us the following: 1.  Completed Initial ...

Graduates of other countries

... without a community rights entitlement with EU degrees, are normally required to sit and pass the RCVS Statutory Examination for Membership .  In exceptional circumstances, veterinary surgeons who are ...

Graham Dick Knowledge

Graham Dick 9 March 2015 214kb PDF Graham Dick Declaration of Interests. Your download should start automatically. If not download directly .

Grants & Awards Knowledge

Grants & Awards Our grants and awards programme celebrates achievement, and builds new knowledge that contributes to evidence-based veterinary medicine and other projects.    To ...
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