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Welcome to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons


Successful 2016 Fellowship applicants will not now be awarded their diplomas on RCVS Day in July. Instead, due to a higher than expected number of applications, diplomas will be awarded at a separate day, ‘Fellowship Day’, to be held on 19 October 2016 in central London.

The RCVS Fellowship is awarded in recognition of outstanding contribution to the veterinary profession.

There are three meritorious contributions routes to Fellowship:

  • Meritorious Contributions to Knowledge (MCK)
  • Meritorious Contributions to Clinical Practice (MCCP)
  • Meritorious Contributions to the Profession (MCP)


Objectives of the RCVS Fellowship

The main objective of the new Fellowship will be to advance veterinary standards by providing a resource of independent knowledge for the benefit of the veterinary profession.

The Fellowship as a collective body will be strategic and not reactive. It will not seek to be representative of the veterinary profession, nor would it normally respond to consultations directed to the RCVS. 


Criteria for achieving Fellowship

The criteria for achieving Fellowship are as follows:

  • Original discovery or innovative application of knowledge or development of the veterinary profession in a groundbreaking way
  • Sustained contribution to scholarship
  • Producing a body of creative work that will have been disseminated, for example,

-  in a body of publications

-  in teaching materials used at other institutions used to drive improvements and innovations in professional practice

-  in documents that have produced innovative change for the benefit of the veterinary profession

  • Indisputable advancement of their subject 
  • Providing leadership to the veterinary profession
  • Advancement of the public understanding of the veterinary profession
  • Benchmarking with relevant peer groups. 


How to apply

Applications for Fellowship are generally considered once a year. Additional application windows in 2016 will be determined by demand and will be announced here. There is no application fee. Applicants who are successful in achieving the Fellowship grade will be required to pay an annual fee of £80.


The Fellowship Board will meet each year to consider an overall list of those proposed by the Credentials Panel as meeting the required criteria, and check that comparable standards had been applied to the consideration process across three sub-panel areas.

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