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Welcome to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

RCVS Honours 2017

A chance to recognise outstanding achievement

The public expects veterinary professionals to meet high standards. Sometimes, however, individuals far exceed expectation, and we feel this ought to be recognised.

We would also like to recognise and celebrate the achievements of those who have contributed to the health and welfare of animals by working in fields related to the veterinary profession.

If you know someone whose achievements are outstanding and who has worked above-and-beyond the call of duty in the fields of veterinary medicine or science, or related areas, you can use the RCVS Honours scheme to try and ensure that they are considered for wider recognition.

Watch our video to find out what it means to receive an RCVS award:


The Honours

The Queen’s Medal

This honour was introduced in 2013 and recognises veterinary surgeons who have achieved a highly distinguished career and whose outstanding achievements deserve recognition.

The RCVS Queen’s Medal is the College’s most prestigious honour and is open to all Members of the RCVS. The award will provide a further aspirational distinction for those Members who already hold an RCVS Fellowship by thesis, meritorious contribution to learning or election.

This honour may be conferred upon only one Member of the College each year. However, if the calibre of nominees in a particular year is not of the requisite standard then the RCVS Council need not confer this honour.


Golden Jubilee Award

The Golden Jubilee Award was introduced in 2011 to mark the 50th anniversary of the first RCVS training course for veterinary nurses and recognises those nurses who have taken a leadership role within the profession.

Further information about the award can be found here.


Honorary Associateship

Associateship of the College is a prestigious Honour conferred to a small number of non-members of the RCVS each year, in recognition of their special contribution. The College is keen to recognise the full range of individuals who contribute to the veterinary sphere, for example, scientists, lecturers, veterinary nurses, charity-workers, farriers, farmers and those involved in the commercial field.

There would not usually be more than three Honours conferred per year. The Council need not confer any Honours if the calibre of nominees is not high enough.


Honorary Fellowship

At its meeting in Edinburgh in June 2015, RCVS Council voted to make significant changes to the routes to entry to the RCVS Fellowship and its structure. One of the most significant changes was discontinuing the current Honorary Fellowship route with effect as of 1 August 2015. All current Honorary Fellows will, however, retain their HonFRCVS status. The final Honorary Fellowships were awarded at RCVS Day 2016.


Who can nominate?

You do not need to be a veterinary surgeon or a veterinary nurse in order to make a nomination for Honorary Associateship. Only members of the RCVS can make a nomination for the Queen's Medal. 


How to nominate

The nominations period for RCVS Honours 2017 has now passed and awards will be presented on Friday 7 July at RCVS Day. 


Any questions?

If you have any questions about RCVS Honours, please contact Mrs Peris Dean on or 0207 202 0761. 


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