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Fees for veterinary surgeons 2014

Fees for Registered Veterinary Practice Premises (RVPP) & Practice Standards Scheme 2014

Fees for veterinary nurses 2014



Fees for veterinary surgeons 2014

Registration fees
Registration (1 Apr - 30 Sept) £299
Registration: new graduates graduating between 1 Jan and 30 Sept and registering between 1 Apr 2014 and 30 Sept £150
Registration (1 Oct 2014 - 31 Mar 2015) £150
Temporary registration £299


Annual renewal fee
     From 1 April 2014 - 30 March 2015
UK-practising *£299
Practising outside the UK *£150
Non-practising *£49
Non-practising (70 years plus) No fee

 *Please note a late fee of £35 will need to be added to any payment for the annual renewal fee received on and after 18 April 2014.


Restoration fee after removal for non-payment
£299 + the full annual renewal fee for the annual renewal year


Change of category: fees payable


1 April 2014 - 30 Sept 2014 1 October 2014 - 31 March 2015
From 'Practising outside the UK' to 'UK-practising' £75 No fee
From 'Non-practising' to 'UK-practising' £125 No fee
From 'Non-practising' to 'Practising outside the UK' £50 No fee


Certificate fees
Replacement Membership Certificate £40
Letters of Good Standing £3.60
Letter of Good Standing (urgent request) £23.60
Right of Establishment Certificates £3.60
Provision of Services Certificates £3.60

Please note the above certificate fees include a VAT charge of 20%.


Certificate/Diploma fees
Diploma: exam application £1,122


Fellowship RCVS (FRCVS) fees
Thesis: registration or MCL: preliminary £403
Thesis: submission or MCL: submission £1,020
Thesis: re-submission £510


Membership RCVS (MRCVS) fees
Whole exam £1,430
Sitting 1 or 2 subjects only £715


Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice fees
Initial enrolment fee £60
Annual fee paid by direct debit £30
Annual fee paid by cheque/bank transfer £41
Synoptic exams £801
Accreditation fee up to 6 modules £300
Accreditation fee 7-12 modules £867
Accreditation fee over 12 modules £898


Specialist fees
Application: non-recognised qualification £233
Application: recognised qualification £35
Annual fee paid by direct debit £110
Annual fee paid by cheque or bank transfer £122
Re-application fee £35
Restoration fee £71

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Fees for Registered Veterinary Practice Premises (RVPP) & Practice Standards Scheme 2014 - 2015

RVPP fees
Initial registration £34
Annual fee £34


Practice Standards fees
Application fee £520
Annual fee: main/standalone practice* £275
Annual fee: branch practice* £65
(Candidates must pay the relevant RVPP fee(s) until accredited)


*Includes £34 RVPP fee if relevant


Publication fees
Register of Members (2013)*  £40

*Excludes postage & packaging

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Fees for veterinary nurses 2014

Student enrolment fees
Enrolment (for up to six years) £169
Enrolment extension (for one year) £73
Temporary enrolment (for temporary or visiting students) £28

* In addition to the RCVS enrolment fee, students must also pay a qualification registration fee to the relevant awarding organisation or university. Your college or university will be able to advise you further.


Registration & annual renewal fees
Registration fee £112
Assessment of qualifications - overseas application £133
Annual List/Register renewal fee £61
Restoration fee (inclusive of renewal fee) £112
Period of supervised practice (PSP) registration fee £75


Certificate and badge fees
Replacement veterinary nurse badge £45
Replacement certificate £40


Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing fees
Indexing fee: initial fee £60
Indexing fee: annual fee £35
Certification of modules £46
Final assessment: conducted by university £155
Final assessment: conducted by RCVS £470


Accreditation fees
Accreditation and re-accreditation fee £2,387
Advisory consultancy per day including cancellations £383

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For all RCVS Awards' fees including exam and centre fees, please visit the RCVS Awards website. (This link will open in a new window.)

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