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Opening times

We are open from 9.15am until 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Opening times during the Christmas and New Year period are announced separately each year in latest news.


General enquiries

For general enquiries about the RCVS, for comments about our website, or if you are not sure which department to email, please complete our contact form or use the following contact details:

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
Belgravia House
62-64 Horseferry Road

T 020 7222 2001 
F 020 7222 2004 
E info@rcvs.org.uk


Departmental enquiries

If you have a specific enquiry, please e-mail the appropriate department using the contact details below.



Contact details


For queries relating to Media, Government and public relations as well as congresses, regional meetings, publications (including the Annual Report, RCVS News) corporate communications and website.

T 020 7202 0727

E communications@rcvs.org.uk


Corporate Services

For information on the Register, Directory of Practices and purchase of publications.

T 020 7202 0762

E publications@rcvs.org.uk



For issues of undergraduate and postgraduate education e.g. Certificates and Diplomas, Specialists, CPD and Visitations.

T 020 7202 0791

E education@rcvs.org.uk

View a detailed contact list for the Education Department.


Facilities Management

For information on room bookings and catering.

T 020 7202 0726

E facilitiesteam@rcvs.org.uk



For enquiries relating to finances.

T 020 7202 0723

E finance@rcvs.org.uk


Practice Standards Scheme

For general enquiries about the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme.

T 020 7202 0767

E pss@rcvs.org.uk


President / Chief Executive

For matters relating to the President and Chief Executive, the Operational Board and RCVS Day.



For matters relating to the RCVS Council and The Registrar

T 020 7202 0761

E p.dean@rcvs.org.uk


T 020 7202 0737

E d.wiggins@rcvs.org.uk


Professional Conduct

For matters relating to concerns, disciplinary and preliminary investigation issues, requests for advice, veterinary hospitals and riding establishments approval.

T 020 7202 0789

E profcon@rcvs.org.uk


View a detailed contact list for the Professional Conduct Department

RCVS Knowledge Library

For enquiries relating to book loans, database searches, historical collections and information services.

T 020 7202 0752

E library@rcvsknowledge.org


RCVS Knowledge

For all enquiries relating to RCVS Knowledge (formerly the RCVS Charitable Trust) including library enquiries.

T 020 7202 0721

E info@rcvsknowledge.org


View more contact details for RCVS Knowledge. (This link will take you to the RCVS Knowledge website.) 


For enquiries relating to veterinary surgeons' and veterinary nurses' registration, changes of details and letters of good standing.

T 020 7202 0707

E registration@rcvs.org.uk


Veterinary Nursing

For all matters relating to veterinary nurse training and Approved Centres.

T 020 7202 0788

E vetnursing@rcvs.org.uk


View a detailed contact list for the Veterinary Nursing Department. (This link will take you to the RCVS Awards website.) 

If you are visiting the RCVS offices please go to our how to find us page. 

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