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Sarah Amanda Scholes

Sarah Amanda Scholes, VN Council 2022 election candidate RVN

Candidate 8 of 9

Proposers: Sarah Srih, Amanda Williams

Contact details

White Cross Vets, 200-202 Muirhead Ave, West Derby, Liverpool, L13 0BA

L 0151 270 1759

M 07973 364 652


Candidate biography

I am a registered Veterinary Nurse working as Head Nurse in a small animal veterinary practice.

I have been qualified since 2001 and during that time I have worked in first opinion practice as a RVN, Clinical Coach, Head Nurse and Practice Manager of an independent veterinary practice.

After taking time to start a family I have returned to the satisfying role of Head Nurse with White Cross Vets.

In 2009 I attained my DipAVN Small Animal qualification, undertaking modules in Anaesthesia and Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. I have also completed the CertVN ECC qualification with Vets Now.

I am passionate about continuing professional development and have used the opportunities available to develop a wide range of nursing skills from marine mammal medic training to diabetic pet councillor and feline ambassador roles.

Veterinary interests include Anaesthesia and Analgesia, all things emergency and critical care.

In my free time I love spending time with my family consisting of husband, son, dog and 2 cats. I enjoy being outdoors in all seasons enjoying nature and gardening.

Candidate manifesto statement

As a Veterinary Nurse with more than 20 years’ experience I have been very fortunate to see the development of the Veterinary Nurses role in clinical practice. I have been an avid follower of the VN futures project and an enthusiastic contributor to the RVCS surveys on the development of the Veterinary Nursing profession. I am passionate about further advancing clinical skills and knowledge within the profession. The exciting news of the possible creation of the Advanced Practitioner status for Veterinary Nurses will allow RVN’s to maximise their potential and enable them to diversify the way they work within the Veterinary profession. I am very much keen to be involved in the evolution of this and intend to study for the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Nursing.

Throughout my career I have strived to expand my knowledge and professional skills and to pass this knowledge on. I am currently enrolled on the RCVS knowledge Quality Improvement workshops running March – April 2022 to improve clinical governance and I hope this will further advance my ability to push for changes to improve clinical practice.

Veterinary nursing is a rewarding, varied and challenging career, we make a difference to the lives of pets in our care every day. We are a profession of caring, dedicated individuals and I am eager to showcase the skills we have and build upon them. I am proud to be a Veterinary Nurse.

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