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Jessica Louise Beckett

Jessica Louise Beckett, VN Council 2022 election candidate RVN

Candidate 3 of 9

Proposers: Nicole Hodgkinson, Holly Oxton

Contact details 

6 Merlyn Avenue, Sale, Manchester, M33 2AS

M 07854 819 958


Candidate biography

Jessica Beckett BSc BSc (hons) DipAVN (Small Animal) RVN

I completed a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science in 2005, before beginning the Veterinary Nursing NVQ in 2006. I qualified in 2008, completing my training at Ashfield House Veterinary Hospital in Derbyshire. I completed the Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Nursing in 2013. I worked at Ashfield House for 9 years, before relocating to Manchester in 2015 to join Petmedics Animal Hospital, one of the largest ECC hospitals in the UK as Head Nurse. I looked after a team of approximately 50 RVNs, SVNs and Patient Care Assistants. I progressed to Practice Manager at PetMedics in April 2021, but maintain my clinical skills and perform internal training of nurses. I lecture in surgical and ECC nursing for universities and colleges, as well as providing internal training. I write peer-reviewed clinical nursing articles that have been published in nursing journals. I was a module leader for the ECC element of the CVS MiNurse Academy, an internal CPD programme. In 2017, I was a finalist in the CVS Veterinary Nurse of the Year. Outside of work, I follow ice hockey, attend music concerts and have an allotment. I have eight cats.

Candidate manifesto statement

I am passionate about encouraging and facilitating nurses to achieve their full potential in practice, using their skills and training to directly affect the quality of patient care they deliver. Each nurse should be able to use, and continually develop their unique experiences as clinical practitioners and have confidence, and be actively inspired to develop specialisms in areas they are interested in. I believe that job satisfaction in both the veterinary industry and within each nurses’ individual employment can be directly improved by empowering nurses to celebrate and make full use of their knowledge and abilities - giving them the autonomy they deserve.

I feel that our profession would benefit from greater clarity on the nature and extent of Schedule 3, and tasks that can be delegated between vets and nurses. More opportunities for learning and progressing in this area should be accessible to all; working together collaboratively and proactively to provide training and support is essential.

I think that nurses are not as visible to clients as veterinary surgeons, and as such they can be unsure of the nurses’ role and responsibilities in practice. I would like to contribute to the continued promotion of the nurses’ role to both our colleagues and clients, especially on the usefulness of nurse consultations in many areas - particularly preventative care and monitoring of chronic conditions. This will help to provide fulfilment and encouragement for nurses to do more in practice, and to feel comfortable doing so. I am also keen to explore the development of a nurse prescriber role to assist in nurse consultations, assuming this can be done within the current legislation.

I firmly believe in nursing as a career choice and fundamental role in the veterinary practice, and would like the opportunity to represent you on the VN Council.

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