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Mrs Kirsten Cavill

Kirsten Cavill, VN Council 2021 election candidate BSc(Hons) RVN

Candidate 2 of 14

Proposers: Tanya Whipps, Joanna Godfrey

Contact details 

60 Plover Rise, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 9DA

T 01752 894997

M 07786895991


Candidate biography

After starting my career in mixed practice in Somerset, I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1991.

I worked for the PDSA in Plymouth from 1991-2000. Between, 2007-2018 I volunteered within a zoological environment, gaining comprehensive knowledge of exotic species and wildlife conservation.

In 2013 I started working for The Vet Connection where I am currently a Head Nurse. In 2016 I graduated with an honours degree in Natural and Environmental Sciences and in 2018 I achieved a Diploma in Canine Clinical Myotherapy.

Through my longstanding interest in the management and rehabilitation of senior dogs, I started my own canine rehabilitation business in 2018 working under veterinary referral. I am currently a registered member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) and hold a one paw accreditation with the Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance (VOA).

I am a volunteer StreetNurse Team Lead and committee member with the veterinary charity StreetVet. In addition, for the past four years I have volunteered as a Veterinary Nurse Advisor with Canine Arthritis Management (CAM). I regularly lecture, write articles for publication and enjoy public speaking.

Candidate statement 

We have just come through, what is probably the most challenging year the profession has faced for a very long time! I am incredibly proud at the way RVN’s and the profession overall, have risen to the unenviable challenge, Covid has thrown at us.

I passionately believe that the career of a veterinary nurse should be rewarding, exciting, challenging and fulfilling. The reality of the role should reflect the years of study, dedication and hard work required to qualify as a RVN.

Nurses are highly skilled co-professionals and should be recognised accordingly. Promoting veterinary nursing as a valued profession is a priority and best achieved through the development of skills, knowledge and through the practice of evidence based nursing.

By developing specialist roles, through a structured pathway of education and continuing professional development, we can encourage all nurses to achieve their full potential.

We must strive to provide exciting, inspiring and rewarding career pathways, ensuring the highest of standards are maintained, whilst making provision for career progression and job satisfaction. I am dedicated to empowering nurses through education and advancement of skills within a practice environment.

Mental health, wellness and wellbeing should be at the forefront of our minds as we strive to retain highly skilled and experienced nurses within the profession. Nurses should be encouraged to reflect on their work and be motivated to seek new and exciting pathways to direct their careers, through a structured and diverse programme of post- qualification training. I believe fostering a positive educational culture, is the cornerstone in achieving these goals.

This year marks my 30th year as a qualified RVN, and I am still as proud to be a nurse and wear the badge, as the day I first qualified.

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