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Mr Steven David Patrick Johnson

Steven Johnson, VN Council 2021 election candidate RVN

Candidate 8 of 14

Proposers: Victoria Hawkins, Stephanie Davies

Contact details 

Lea Green Veterinary Centre, 251 Wellington Road North, Stockport, SK4 2QN

T 0161 432 1688

M 07885 436676



Candidate biography

I have over 10 years’ experience working in the veterinary profession, qualifying in 2017 at Myerscough University with a Level 3 Diploma, this was ideal for me, so I could work and learn simultaneously.

I worked at Johnson & Wood Veterinary Practice for 5 years with my parents, who are both Veterinary Surgeons, being from a veterinary background I felt that it really helped me settle into the industry more easily. This gave me the confidence to open my own nurse clinic at the weekends, it helped me use my skills and build a good rapport with the clients.

My other experience has been working with different farms, this was to try and broaden my knowledge in the veterinary profession, treating and working with different animals to help me extend my experience outside of my comfort zone.

In the last two years, I’ve worked at family-run Veterinary Surgery in Stockport, where I’ve carried on with my ability to run successful nurse clinics.

I also run my own small technology business that includes buying, selling and repairing items.

Candidate statement

I am standing for Veterinary Nurse Council because I feel it needs to be consistently promoted and identified for the great career that it is, the veterinary nurse profession is the drive behind the whole business and I feel there are Veterinary Nures that feel they are unappreciated.

There are more opportunities now, than ever, for veterinary nurses for learning and development, though it seems that we are still hampered at showing our true potential in the veterinary industry.

Veterinary care is my priority and would like to get as many opinions from the veterinary nurses and Veterinary surgeons as to how this can be improved, particularly when a client is struggling financially.

I would also like to push again for the veterinary nurse title to be protected, the 2015 campaign may not have been successful but showed huge support from veterinary nurses and MPs, which is something that I would see as a priority.

As a male RVN, I am very proud to be working as a veterinary nurse, clients still struggle to identify me as a male RVN and I would like to change that perspective, I am very proud to be a veterinary nurse and of the work that I do.

During the pandemic I have also seen a lot of veterinary nurse's struggle with mental health in an already draining career, I would like to address this so that veterinary nurses have satisfaction in their work, without feeling they are not supported through this tough time.

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