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Mr Lee Thomas Vaughan

Lee Vaughan, VN Council 2021 election candidate RVN

Candidate 11 of 14

Proposers: Annabelle Winterton, Emily Green

Contact details

9 Lowmead Walk, Park End, Middlesborough, TS3 0BY

M 07871498899


W Instagram – LTV.RNV

Candidate biography

I am a compassionate and hardworking Veterinary Nurse who thrives on delivering a high standard of care to patients. I qualified in 2019 after completing the city and guilds Level 3 diploma Veterinary nursing via the apprenticeship route. I trained in a multidisciplinary veterinary hospital, allowing me to work in a variety of disciplines including Orthopaedics, Neurology, Soft tissues, Cardiology, Medicine, Ophthalmology and Anaesthesia. Since qualifying I have focused mainly on anaesthesia as it is my passion to go further and complete more qualifications to thrive in this area. I am passionate about the work I do as a Registered Veterinary Nurse and I thrive when given the chance to expand my knowledge. In my spare time I enjoy a vary of thing including keeping fit, anything artistic such as drawing and crochet also socialising with friends and colleagues I meet as I locum around the country. I have been described as ambitious, quirky with a positive energy in the work place. My motto in life is always smile in the hope you can make someone else smile.

Candidate statement

Throughout my career, I have witnessed many nurses leave the due to a lack of progression within practice that has led them to seek new career prospects. I personally think VN’s have such a varied skill set and in practice is not used to its full potential. With more recognition of our skill sets and creation of new roles, the scope to progress will help retain nurses in the industry and create a more awareness of how capable/essential nurses are in practice.

I am interested in creating more relevant and engaging content for veterinary nurses in order to improve engagement towards the VN council and allow nurses to feel the relevance the information will have to better bridge the gap between the people making the change and those that the changes effect.

I would like to highlight the students in our profession and show that there is a lot more in the profession that what meets the eye. Educating students and practices throughout their training on how they can achieve their career goals and how practices can influence their students and nurses to progress in their practice to get the full potential of the vet nursing skill set.

As a locum veterinary nurse, I have had the opportunity to work in a diverse range of practices across the UK. Through this I have experienced the variation of routines, standards of management and career struggles in the industry and have witnessed the reality this creates for nurses in practice. Gaining this perspective of the industry has motivated me to run for the position within the VN council in hopes of using my skills and experiences to create positive and effective changes to progress the veterinary nursing profession.

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