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Miss Olivia Jade Dunlop

Olivia Dunlop, VN Council 2021 election candidate RVN

Candidate 5 of 14

Proposers: Melanie Scott, Lisa Horsborough

Contact details

Gartness Farm, Balfron Station, Glasgow, Stirling, G63 0NH

M 07956 735944


Candidate biography

Having wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse from a young age, I began my veterinary journey by undertaking the ‘Veterinary Care Assistant’ course at a small animal practice in Carlisle. I then moved to a mixed and exotic animal hospital in Northumberland where I was put through my training and finally qualified as a VN at the start of 2020. My time there allowed me to gain invaluable experience of nursing in a hectic hospital environment, and handling a wide variety of animals. More recently I have relocated and am now based at a busy small animal practice just outside of Glasgow.

Being involved in regular OOH work at my previous practice sparked my love of ECC and I am due to start an ECC Certificate come April. Some of my other main interests include; surgical nursing, Schedule 3 procedures and medical nursing. I really enjoy learning new things, and spend a lot of time researching topics, completing CPD and having clinical discussions about cases with other staff members. In my spare time, I am a bit of a social butterfly (more so before recent global events), but also enjoy walking my spaniel in the local Scottish countryside.

Candidate statement 

I believe I can bring a new perspective to the VN council as a candidate to represent early career nurses and students. Making positive changes to the profession is something I have felt strongly about since beginning my VN career.

Now more than ever, the need to support our colleagues is vital; and mental health should be at the forefront of our minds. The current RCVS Strategic plan focusing on clarity, compassion, courage and confidence, with specific mention of the 'Mind Matters' initiative will make a huge difference to support those in practice.

It is sad to see many nurses facing 'burn out' from the profession. This issue also faces a lot of student nurses, due to the demands of the qualification and nature of training.

The 'VN Futures' initiative is a great way to show VN's there is more to nursing, both inside and outside of practice and CPD related to these options should be encouraged.

My main goals if I were to be elected would be:

  • Ensure the quality of training allows students to feel prepared for registration and the responsibilities that come with it.
  • Push for RVN’s to be recognised as SQP or equivalent within the qualification.
  • Support part 2 of the RCVS LWP in their propositions for ‘enhancing the VN role’ and protect the title.
  • Discuss new enrolment, access and the future of the Dip AVN course.
  • Ensure the RVN profession is promoted as early as school days.

We need to ensure there is a future for the VN profession and motivate the younger generations to take this career path and continue to make positive changes. We also need to ensure that clients understand that we are our own profession, we work for our qualification and everything that comes with it.