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Miss Diana Elizabeth Joyce Wilson

Diana Wilson, VN Council 2021 election candidate RVN

Candidate 13 of 14

Proposers: Shelley Welch, Christina Wilkins

Contact details

Macqueen Veterinary Centre, Unit 1 Waller Road, Hopton Park, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2GH

M 07837 642835


W Di Wilson for RCVS VN Council (Facebook)

Candidate biography

I graduated from UWE, Hartpury Campus with a HND in Veterinary Nursing Studies in 2005, I then worked as an SVN in both mixed and equine practices in North Yorkshire, before qualifying via the NVQ route in 2009.

I moved from North Yorkshire to Wiltshire in 2008 to complete my training. I stayed at my training practice, Hale Veterinary Group, working as both a hospital nurse and branch nurse, as well as assisting with calving’s OOH. During my time here, I gained the BSAVA VN Merit Award in Medical Nursing and became an SQP. In 2016, I joined Drove Veterinary Hospital as a lead ward nurse and clinical coach, this is where I found my love of passing on knowledge and supporting future RVNs. In 2018, I took the brave step to locum for a while, during this time I rediscovered my love of nursing and my ideal practice. In 2019, after a spell of locuming at Macqueen Veterinary Centre I joined the practice. I am a clinical coach and currently studying for N.Cert in Surgical Nursing. I have written an article for the VNJ on Mental Health, just awaiting publication.

Candidate statement

I currently work in a general and orthopaedic referral practice, as a surgical and ward nurse. Alongside my job, I enjoy gin tasting, spending time with my partner, friends and my dogs. I compete successfully at agility, other hobbies include reading, travel and SUPing, I enjoy the health benefits of open water swimming, and Cani-x, I have completed two Half Marathons. I have also volunteered abroad as a vet nurse in Egypt, working with equines, camels, sheep, small mammals and reptiles.

I came in to Veterinary Nursing through my love of animals, and I believe this is why we all do. We strive to be our best, offering the best of care to our patients. We work in a very caring profession and many of us have mental health (MH) issues, whether mild or severe, I know I do.

There is a great stigma out there over MH and anxiety, and I believe that we should be able to talk freely without feeling ashamed, ostracised or at the risk of being bullied. As a clinical coach I see students struggle with daily tasks, certain subjects and at exam times, I know I did.

I would like to use my experiences and many years of experience to use my voice to channel yours on this subject, support all; from the first day VCA to the experienced RVN, so that we can continue to offer or patients the best of care whilst maintaining our own mental wellbeing and give our best to ourselves, and colleagues.

I would also like to help educate clients on how our mental wellbeing can be affected in practice, by what we see and endure daily.

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