Richard Davis

BSc (Hons)


Richard DavisRichard Davis is a dairy farmer in North Bedfordshire and is committed to improving dairy cow health and welfare.

He is a Director of Anglia Farmers.

Richard chaired the Red Tractor Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme for six years, was a director of Westbury Dairies Ltd for 3 years, was on the Board of Assured Food Standards for 12 years, First Milk for 12 years and on DEFRA's Animal Health and Welfare Board for England for 5 years.

Richard farms 104 hectares and, in the last year, the farm policy and type of cows being farmed has been dramatically altered.

The farm used to milk 110 pedigree Holstein Friesian cows being fed soya, wheat and palm oil and producing 10,500 litres per year; he now has 225 New Zealand Friesian Jersey crossbred cows producing 5,500 litres from a forage-based diet. Income from milk has increased because of higher quality milk, feed costs are lower and improved health, including less mastitis and lameness, has reduced veterinary costs, which has made the farm more profitable.  In 2015 Richard and his wife Debbie started Ouse Valley Dairy which processes milk from the herd into pasteurised milk and double cream which they sell at the farm gate and to 30 local shops, cafes and restaurants.


Council Member category

  • Appointed: Privy Council, 2009 - 2018


Committee membership

  • Audit and Risk Committee

Declaration of interests


  • Non-executive Director, Anglia Farmers Limited



  • First Milk Ltd
  • Genus Ltd
  • National Milk Records Ltd



Appointments to other bodies

  • NFU member
  • Member, Holstein UK and CIS Milk Recording

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Dairy farmer

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BSc Hons Agricultural Science, University of Nottingham

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