Lynne Hill



Lynne Hill MRCVSLynne Hill graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 1977 and initially worked in mixed practice in Northern England, before moving to Northern Ireland to work in partnership there in a three-centred mixed practice.

She then moved to England to work for Hill’s Pet Nutrition becoming their European Marketing Manager in 1996.

Lynne moved to the Royal Veterinary College in 1998 where she became the Head of the Clinical Services Department. She was then the Chief Executive of Langford Veterinary Services until January 2015 when she took up her new role as the Chief Executive Officer of Willows Veterinary Services Ltd.

Lynne has been involved in veterinary politics for many years starting with British Small Animal Veterinary Association regional interests. She was President of BSAVA in 1994-95 and has sat on BVA Committees and Council as well.

Lynne was elected to RCVS Council in 1999 and has served on most Committees in that time. She was President in 2005-06.


Council Member category

  • Elected: 1999 - 2019


Committee membership

  • Primary Qualifications Subcommittee
  • Estates Strategy Group

Declaration of interests


  • A to Z Vets Limited
  • A is for Antelope Limited
  • AAS Veterinary Services Ltd
  • Avonvale NewCo Ltd
  • Avonvale Veterinary Centres Ltd
  • B is for Bear Limited
  • Blythwood Newco Limited
  • Blythwood Veterinary Limited
  • Boundary Vets Limited
  • Bradbury Property Holdings Limited
  • Brentknoll Veterinary Centre Ltd
  • Broadway Heritage Holdings Limited
  • Broadway SA Limited
  • Burnfoot Veterinary Ventures Limited
  • Calder Newco Limited
  • Calder Vets Limited
  • Cathcart and Winn Veterinary Hospital Limited
  • Cherrydown Vets Limited
  • Cinque Ports Newco Limited
  • Cinque Ports Veterinary Group Limited
  • Clarke and Marshall Limited
  • Cromwell (St Ives) Limited
  • Cromwell (St Neots) Limited
  • D is for Dog Limited
  • Donnachie & Townley Limited
  • E is for Elephant Limited
  • Eastcott Limited
  • F is for Fox Limited
  • Forem Holdings Acquisitions Limited
  • Forem Holdings Limited
  • Forem Limited (Dormant)
  • Greenside Veterinary Practice Limited
  • Heathcote Newco Limited
  • Kentdale Veterinary Orthopaedics Limited
  • Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre Limited
  • Linnaeus Group Limited (formerly known as Willows Topco Limited)
  • Linnaeus Group Bidco Limited (formerly known as Willows Bidco Limited)
  • London Vet Specialists Limited
  • Martin Referral Services Limited (Dormant)
  • Medicines4Pets Ltd (Dormant)
  • Milbourn Equine Limited
  • Nantorman Limited
  • North Downs Specialist Referrals Limited
  • Pawpicked Ltd (Dormant)
  • Petcare V Limited
  • Riversmeet Newco Limited
  • Shires Newco Limited
  • Shires Vets Limited
  • Spinney Lodge Veterinary Hospital Limited
  • Spinney Lodge Newco Limited
  • The Cromwell Veterinary Group Limited
  • Vet4life Ltd
  • Village Vet Newco Limited
  • Village Vet Holding Limited
  • Village Vet London Limited
  • Village Vet Limited
  • Village Vet Cambridge Limited
  • VRCC Limited
  • Wear Referrals Limited
  • Well Animal Clinic Limited
  • Well Animal Clinic Newco Limited
  • Willows Veterinary Services Limited


Shareholder in Linnaeus Group


Appointments to other bodies

Membership of other veterinary or allied organisations

  • British Veterinary Association
  • British Small Animal Veterinary Association


  • University of Bristol, 2008 to present
  • 1998 - 2008 Royal Veterinary College - University
  • 1995 - 1998 Hill's Pet Nutrition Plc - Industry
  • Glenburn Veterinary Clinic - Practice, up to 1995

Qualifications (other than veterinary qualifications listed in the Register)

Masters in Business Administration

Interests relating to immediate family or close friends

Other relevant information