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RCVS Council election 2022

Please note: The 2022 RCVS Council elections have now closed and the full results can be downloaded here

There are 13 candidates standing in this year’s election, including one current Council member eligible for re-election and 12 candidates not currently on Council.

You may view their contact details, biographies and manifestos by clicking on the names below:

In 2018 changes were made to the College’s governance arrangements, after a Legislative Reform Order changing the size and composition of Council was passed by Parliament.

While the changes mean that, in most years, there will be 3 elected places available for the candidates, as opposed to 6 in the years prior to the governance changes.

Quiz the candidates

As with previous years, we are asking members of the profession to submit a question for this year's RCVS Council candidates. Each candidate can then choose to produce a short video of themselves answering two of the questions of their choice which will be published when the election starts.

Questions can be submitted by emailing or via the RCVS Twitter account (@theRCVS) using the hashtag #vetvote22. Questions must be submitted by Monday 21 February 2022

The candidates' videos will be available to view on their individual pages at the start of the election. 

How to vote

Once again this year, the RCVS has gained permission from the Privy Council to temporarily amend its Election Scheme to allow voting to take place entirely online. This means that physical ballot papers will not be distributed to veterinary surgeons eligible to vote this year.

The small minority of veterinary surgeons for whom we do not hold an email address will receive a letter with instructions on how to vote online, in addition to their unique code for the voting website. 

Voting is due to open on the week commencing 14 March when Civica Election Services (formerly Electoral Reform Services), which runs the election on our behalf, will send emails to all veterinary surgeons eligible to vote with a secure link to a unique voting website. Voters will be able to cast their vote for up to four candidates. 

All votes must be cast by 5pm on Friday, 22 April 2022.

Please note: Under the RCVS Election Scheme, as approved by the Privy Council, the RCVS Registrar shall not be required to circulate an election statement which they consider to be defamatory (or otherwise unlawful), or factually misleading and may, when the statement cannot be agreed with the candidate, either edit the election statement or decide not to circulate it.