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Mr Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson, RCVS Council election candidate 2021BSc(Hons) BVetMed MRCVS

Candidate 14 of 14

Proposers: Dr Elizabeth Bailey, Dr Kiara Mills

Contact details

39 Oaken Copse Crescent, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 8DS

M 07742 437 266


Candidate biography


BSc Bioveterinary Science (Hons) at Liverpool University, graduating 2011

Accelerated BVetMed at RVC, qualifying in 2015


Worked in small animal general practice for 4.5 years with both independent practices and corporates before moving on to teaching and locum work:

Current employment:

  • Teach at Surrey University (Preclinical)
  • Teach at Merrist Wood College (Conservation and Sustainability)
  • Locum in general practice and OOH
  • Manage two smallholdings (sheep, hens, bees)
  • Daddy day-care provider :)


Volunteering as a watersports instructor (or did until Covid…)

Camping/bushcraft, wildlife, home-brewing, gardening…

Having been through an RCVS complaint and just about survived, I am convinced that the process is unnecessarily slow given the impact it has on the mental health of those involved. This led friends of mine to encourage me to ‘put my money where my mouth is’. As a result, I decided to stand for RCVS Council as an independent and practicing member who understands the realities of clinical work.

Candidate manifesto

I believe in transparency and accountability of decision making. Changes should be based on evidence and necessity rather than speculation. Having spent the last 4 years as a church charity trustee I have experience in committee-based decision making and the Nolan Principles. Some of my views:

  • Despite RCVS proposals, the standard of proof for complaints MUST remain as ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. People’s careers and lives are on the line.
  • The way practices operate affects the standing of the profession as much as the behaviour of individual Members does. We need an effective form of registration, regulation and enforcement to ensure practice owners and management staff are fully accountable to the RCVS. Ideally those owning practices should be MRCVS’ or RVNs.
  • Telemedicine should only be between practices and their existing clients. A practice must be able to physically examine the patient if deemed necessary by the clinician. Patients must be examined prior to being admitted to a telemedicine service.
  • Where the RCVS has more in reserves than it has identified as necessary, registration fees should be reduced.
  • Changes to RCVS structure must be evidence based not ‘because everyone else is doing it’. Bandwagons are inherently dangerous; just because others are jumping off a cliff does not mean that our profession should follow. E.g. we used to be proud to be self-regulating. Council should be elected representatives of the veterinary profession and not contain lay members.
  • Complaint investigations/proceedings are unnecessarily long.
  • More vets register every year than ever have in the past yet there is a shortage of vets. The issue was never recruitment but retention.
  • The RCVS should represent some of the interests of its’ members as an inherent part of defending the reputation of the profession. This includes encouraging prosecution of lay persons infringing on the Veterinary Surgeons Act.

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