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Mr Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson, RCVS Council election candidate 2021BVMS MRCVS

Candidate 8 of 14

Proposers: Ms Paula Bentley, Mrs Marleen Weed

Contact details

Flat 16, Cleveland Court, Kenilworth Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 6JA

T 01926 430 669



Candidate biography

I graduated from Glasgow Vet School 1971 and after a period in Veterinary Pathology, I moved into mixed practice in Lincolnshire.

In the early 1980s I bought a traditional, 2-man, farm practice in Warwickshire; over the next 8 years I transformed it into a 3-centre, 5-vet, modern mixed practice with a small animal/equine bias.

We were a VN training practice and I also lectured to SVNs. I was an Agricultural Training Board and Open University tutor.

I sold the practice in 1990 and moved into single-handed, small animal practice in Dubai, where I had to deal with every eventuality as it arose.

Back in UK after 10 years, I worked in mixed, mainly small animal practice until November 2012.

Since then I have been working as a locum in general small animal practice. In that role, I have worked regularly with, and mentored, vet students and new graduates. Since the beginning of 2020 I have also undertaken work as an OV.

I am president of the Warwickshire Veterinary Clinical Club, I represented Warwickshire on BVA Council. I was a member of RCVS Council for 5 months in 2014 and I completed a full 4 year term in July 2019.

Candidate manifesto 

I am saddened that as a profession we have not successfully tackled the fundamental issues that are causing unhappiness, stress and the loss of great people from our industry. I care passionately about the veterinary industry and know we can get it back on track, putting animal health, clients and our people first again.

To do this we need to prioritise:

  • Confidence: Preparing our graduates for a much easier transition into life in practice
  • Compassionate Regulation: Improving the regulatory system so its effective and compassionate
  • Representation: Redressing the balance on RCVS Council, to reflect that 80% of the profession is in first opinion practice


Starting in practice is the single most significant cause of stress for graduates and the practices employing them. They come out of a supportive academic environment into a front-line that requires them to be clinically confident on day one. We must create an education framework, enabling graduates to obtain practical proficiency, making them confident, before entering practice.

Compassionate regulation

Our current regulatory system increases fear and stress, particularly in front line vets who are most frequently impacted by the disciplinary process, despite only around 1.8% being Professional Misconduct. Complaints need to be dealt with swiftly, transparently and compassionately. Opening up ownership requires the ability to also regulate practices, to ensure those employed in them have the appropriate protection.


Over 80% of our members are from general practice, most public concerns are generated by general practice and yet we are represented by only 25% of Council members. First-opinion practice needs to have a strong voice on the RCVS Council. For 40 years I have lived and breathed general practice as a graduate, practice owner, locum and practical mentor to many nurses and vets.

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