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Dr Colin Whiting

Dr Colin Whiting, RCVS Council election candidate 2021BVSc CertSAS MRCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery

Candidate 13 of 14

Proposers: Miss Anna Beber, Professor Clare Rusbridge

Contact details

Killaworgey Farm, Black Cross, Newquay, Cornwall TR8 4LU

T 01637 889 913

M 07971 606 340



Candidate biography

I qualified from Liverpool in 1998, student president the previous year, after a somewhat stuttering academic career much bolstered by support when ‘seeing practice’. Various rejections and disappointments were overcome since being hooked on this career from Herriot books and supportive local practitioners.

Since graduating I’ve worked in clinical practice in Cheshire and Cornwall, except a year back at Liverpool as surgery resident and a year ‘out’ after corporate sale. I’ve been a first opinion and referral practitioner, an assistant, clinical director, partner in a large hospital group; now I work in our own independent travelling surgery business here in Cornwall where my wife Lizzy (also a vet) and our two children have lived for 14 years. I’m currently president of Cornwall Veterinary Association which we’ve expanded to incorporate vet nurses and vet students, and active in various student support networks including establishing VetWings, a virtual EMS site helping 10,000 vet students worldwide. I love being a vet and particularly enjoy client communication, teamworking and mentoring colleagues. My career overview was recently featured in the Vet Record, titled ‘Lucky to have had the support of many people and determined to pass the baton’.

Candidate manifesto

I think we should have practitioners who enjoy being vets and have a sense of pride and community in the profession within our leadership roles, and I would like to help guide our collective future.

In the formation of our future profession I would rather see the dedication and awareness created from 12 weeks with a shovel, a bridle or packing kits and watching consults than 12 A stars. Where that creates difficulty then I want the RCVS to provide accessibility grants to support kids in hardship demonstrating their passion and commitment, and to take full note of caring and employment roles when considering those applications.

I believe it’s vital that veterinary workers can achieve incomes that facilitate mortgages, financial security and aspiration. Following Brexit we must become truly world-facing, facilitating and encouraging recruitment worldwide whilst assuring living standards of our members. The public no longer expect that we look or speak anything like James Herriott, but they rightly trust in his principles of community, dedication and care. Those ideals may not fall naturally within the role of a regulator but they will guide any decisions I take.

I’ve had a lot of fun and enjoyment in my career, as well as some success, and I think that is a strongly positive thing. I’ve considered standing for council many times before and always shied away from committee rooms and formality. My Dad always said you should take care of all those who rely on you, and that principle holds for family, colleagues and employees, and the wider profession too. At 47 years of age its time I started to be a bit more responsible before I’m too much of an old grey-haired crusty juggler, and if you’ll have me, I would love to represent your interests on RCVS council.

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