Mr Matthew Plumtree

BSc(Hons) BVMedSci(Hons) BVM BVS CertAVP MRCVS

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Address and contact details

(Home) 3 Curlew Close, Warton, Tamworth B79 0HL
(Practice) YourVets Sheldon, 492 Sheldon Heath Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 2RU

M 07970 847601




Candidate biography

I work in front line, first opinion practice as Clinical Director of YourVets Sheldon in Birmingham, a practice known for its team ethic and inclusive culture.

I graduated in 2011 from Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, having previously completed a degree in Bioveterinary Science from Liverpool Veterinary School. From there I joined YourVets, and ever since I have enjoyed delivering affordable, pragmatic veterinary care to clients and their animals.

I have a CertAVP and have taught new graduates as part of the CVS new graduate scheme. As a member of the CVS clinical advisory committee, I provide a first opinion input into clinical policy. I also assist Nottingham Vet School annually with their famous business game and careers events. At my practice we proactively develop and encourage CEMS students taking their first steps into our profession, with our supportive environment. Managing the leap from student to new graduate is one that interests me greatly, and is why I contribute to the RCVS graduate outcomes group.

Outside of work I’m an eternally optimistic yet disappointed supporter of the England cricket team and AFC Wimbledon.

Candidate manifesto

There are numerous challenges facing the profession, but there are solutions that will lead to a bright future. It is well documented that the profession has a problem with mental health and suicide. We need to address the issue and talk openly. I believe a 4-point plan should be implemented, modelled on one successfully used by the Montreal Police Force (Together for Life) that reduced suicide rates by 79%. The four aspects:

  • Education – all vets and students are trained to identify risk and how to help colleagues in difficulty.
  • Helpline – Vetlife provide a wonderful helpline but its use has risen five fold in five years. They need extra help from organisations like the RCVS, BVA and employers.
  • Training – All those in management roles required to do a training course to help identify those at risk and intervene appropriately.
  • Awareness – We have MindMatters, but we need, as a profession, to be open and honest about this issue and not afraid to discuss it in practice.

I also advocate changes to the Practice Standards Scheme to improve well-being. It must be made compulsory, with the top ratings and awards only achievable if a clinic’s own staff anonymously choose to rate it so. This will:

  • Encourage employers to look after employees, ensuring a better work-life balance. This will in turn make them more productive.
  • Raise minimum standards across the profession.

The make-up of the council must reflect the current profession, with front-line, first opinion practitioners being appropriately represented and the issues that affect them being addressed.

I will endeavour to bring a practical, pragmatic viewpoint to the council and to these ends I humbly seek your vote.

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