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Candidate biography

Whilst studying chemistry I was offered a place at Liverpool. Before starting, I had fun working in mining explosives R&D in Johannesburg to save up. Since graduating in 1992 I’ve worked in SA, equine and mixed practices, mainly in the UK but also in Melbourne and Sydney (becoming a dual citizen), afterwards Cape Town. In 2004 I completed a degree at London School of Theology, and in 2010 I opened a JVP practice in west Oxford. I didn’t return after the events of 2012-2016 described in my candidate statement. I’ve subsequently left veterinary practice until progress is made with the improvements in governance I’m calling for. For most of 2017 I was in dispute with the RCVS about redactions to my candidate statement and biography…I’m currently studying for an MA in Christian Apologetics. I sometimes give talks for schools or students, most recently “Myth or history: Did Jesus rise from the dead?” I enjoy various sports such as cycling, mountaineering and underwater hockey and play the flute.


Candidate manifesto

My election statement last year read:

“I’m gravely concerned about governance of the profession and seek a mandate to illuminate and address the root causes insofar as the issues are relevant to the wider profession. The concerns I allude to are best illustrated by my own story...”

The remaining 258 words described a judicial review I had brought against the College: An RVN had made various damaging accusations against me, including one that I had handed her some Synulox whilst encouraging her to self-medicate. At permission stage the judge ruled the RCVS arguably shouldn’t have closed the case. They agreed to let it advance to PIC but denied any fault. The later full hearing ruled they shouldn’t have closed the case, regarding which they admitted fault. The re-opened case was closed at PIC. There’s been no “inquiry” to determine what went wrong, who was responsible and what measures are needed to prevent a recurrence. In my view that would have been helpful. My statement also described other experiences as a joint venture partner: Various damaging accusations had been made against me by a different RVN. These were instrumental in my dismissal—later ruled by an employment tribunal to constitute unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal (with no contributory fault)...My grievance that the RCVS had failed properly to investigate my second RVN misconduct complaint about these unrelated accusations also formed part of the judicial review proceedings. It was ruled out of time, so failed to get a hearing.

The RCVS redacted all 258 words… My complaint that the election had been unfair was ruled by the RCVS “Challenge Committee” to have been “misconceived.” I am now even more concerned than last year, and continue to seek the mandate described. This year’s redactions remain a matter of dispute. Details on my website.

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