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P O Box 6096, Windsor Delivery Centre, New South Wales 2756, Australia

T +61 2 4577 7061

M +61 437 292800

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Candidate biography

1991 Called for legal action against junk pet-food makers and vet enablers due to their wilful, extreme and unconscionable cruelty.

1993 Sydney University published lawyer’s advice regarding junk-food/vet snafu.

2004 Nominated for ACVSc Award.

Dr Lonsdale has identified a problem, researched the aetiology and the pathogenesis, introduced therapeutic and preventative procedures, and addressed, head on, what he saw to be a moral issue for the profession. In short he has changed a paradigm and guided his profession in a more thoughtful and proper course of action.

2016 436 vets, 10% of voters, voted for:

Legal proceedings against the RCVS, junk food companies, veterinary schools and individuals in respect to animal cruelty, breach of contract, theft and fraud.

2017 RCVS engaged fancy lawyers, QC and three RCVS Councillors to review election challenge.

2018 Committee dismiss allegations of RCVS corruption and declare challenge ‘totally devoid of merit’ noting:

Since 1991, Mr Lonsdale has been conducting his public campaign alleging corruption and other fraudulent activity against all the British veterinary schools, the RCVS, the BVA and the BSAVA, and all members of those universities or organisations. He has campaigned using extreme and immoderate language, and appears convinced of the righteousness of his cause.



Candidate manifesto 

Cast not your pearls before swine. Matthew 7:6

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lord Acton

Everyone knows that junk food impairs health. For carnivores it’s worse. Carnivores need the texture and bulk of raw meaty bones to clean teeth and stimulate brain and digestive systems. Unfortunately many RCVS accredited vet schools, rather than champion pet health, maintain a Faustian pact with the junk merchants.

Some schools brainwash vulnerable students with blatant propaganda. Scaremongering about the evolutionary standard — whole carcasses or next best raw meaty bones — schools enforce their group-think. Several schools provide junk food company access to students in return for ‘sponsorship’. Bogus research and marketing tricks give junk food companies a protective cordon and innocence by association.

Deliberately, knowingly forcing animals to consume industrial junk is cruel and criminal. Brainwashing, and thus defrauding, students with junk food derived ‘evidence based medicine’ claptrap leads to massive over servicing. Pet owners are cheated and defrauded.

Alas this cesspool of ignorance and incompetence permeates the entire veterinary environment — but the RCVS regulator frets about ‘immoderate’ language. Clearly we need a Mueller to investigate and prosecute. For the vet associations and various hangers-on, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Desmond Tutu might advise.

Meanwhile, back in your practice, please give your carnivore patients the best chance of a healthy life. Please ensure a whole carcass or raw meaty bones diet for puppies and kittens. For all carnivore patients please ensure a natural diet, fix the vile mouth rot and curb the obesity — often that’s the only treatment and disease prevention required.

There’s lots of info at the website.

RCVS voters can obtain a free pdf copy of Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health. Email: tom@rawmeatybones.com

Please vote. Please vote strategically for a more honest, humane vet profession.

Thank you

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