Dr Mandisa Greene

BVM&S Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, BSc Biological and Medicinal Chemistry, MRCVS

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98 Moorland Road, Biddulph ST8 6EP

M 07984 947851

E mandisa_greene@hotmail.com



Candidate biography

Having qualified from Dick Vet school, Edinburgh in 2008 I started working in Small Animal Practice at Alan Brown and Associates in Edinburgh immediately after graduation on a part time basis. Six months later, I began my first full time position at Charter Veterinary Surgeons in Biddulph.

Following four years in small animal general practice, I then worked at Northside Emergency Veterinary Clinic covering North Birmingham for a couple of years before I worked as a locum in a variety of practices both independent and cooperate across the West Midlands to enable me to have a better work:life balance.

I have always been passionate about educating Veterinary nurses and encouraging the contribution they make to the Veterinary team, to this end I have joined Harper Adams University for a fixed term as a lecturer in Veterinary Sciences. I continue my locum work in small animal practice and emergency clinics.

Whilst on council I serve on the Standards Committee, the preliminary qualifications sub committee (PQSC) and chair the EMS coordinators liaison group.

I am married with two young children and volunteer as the Pets as Therapy on call veterinary surgeon for a local mental health hospital and Vetlife.


Candidate manifesto

It has been an honour and privilege to serve the RCVS council for the last four years. It has certainly taken me the full term to understand the process and build formidable relationships over several committees, allowing me to take a holistic and integrated approach to decision making.

The RCVS has taken significant strides over the four years with ‘Vet Futures’ ‘Mind Matters’ and ‘Graduate Outcomes’ projects. These initiatives, which I have been a part of, put us in a stronger and more purposeful space where we can serve our members, and the public more effectively. Yet, still inspired by the way we have embraced change, I accept that there are other issues that we need to address.

I believe much of the unease suffered by many in the profession relates to increased public expectation and also concerns about the disciplinary process. The Alternative Dispute Resolution was set up to support a ‘no blame culture’ however I am not convinced that this has been transmitted to those working on the ground. The RCVS needs to improve the way communicates to the profession and public that mistakes do not automatically receive the ultimate sanction.

The well-being of the members of our profession has always been my utmost consideration. Too many vets are leaving the profession they worked so hard to be a part of. We need address this with urgency.

The RCVS took a positive step toward supporting our EU colleagues in a post-Brexit environment and it is vital that we continue to shape and refine our policy.

Over the last four years I have supported incremental changes, had difficult conversations, challenged our thinking and supported our combined vision for a profession we can be proud of. With your vote, I will continue the evolutionary approach to change and modernisation.

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