RCVS Council election 2018

Voting in the RCVS Council election 2018 has now opened.

You can read more about who's standing via the following links. Videos of candidates answering questions submitted to the RCVS by members of the profession will be uploaded in the candidate profile pages in due course.



Ten candidates are standing in this year's election, including four existing Council members and six new candidates.

You may view their contact details, biographies and manifestos by clicking on the names below:

Please note: Under the RCVS Election Scheme, as approved by the Privy Council, the RCVS Registrar shall not be required to circulate an election statement which they consider to be defamatory (or otherwise unlawful), or factually misleading and may, when the statement cannot be agreed with the candidate, either edit the election statement or decide not to circulate it.


How to vote

Voting is now open and will close at 5pm on Friday 27 April 2018. You can vote either online or by postal ballot. Emails will be sent by Electoral Reform Services (ERS), who run the election on our behalf, with a link to a secure voting site that is unique to each member of the electorate. If you have not received a ballot paper nor an email from ERS then please contact Luke Bishop, Senior Communications Officer, on l.bishop@rcvs.org.uk