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Louise Northway RVN (BVNA)

Louise Northway, PSG memberBiography

Louise starting working in practice in 2004 and qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2009.

Since then she has worked in various first opinion practices and a referral hospital in the UK. She currently works in a large, first opinion small animal and exotics practice in Buckinghamshire.

Louise is currently clinical nurse lead at her practice and is responsible for reviewing clinical standards, implementing quality improvement practices and training the team in her areas of interest.

In practice her main interests are OOH, anaesthesia, analgesia and emergency & critical care nursing. Since qualifying Louise has completed two further certificates – the Vets Now VNCert(ECC) in 2015 and the ESVPS NCert(Anaesth) in 2017.

Alongside working full time, Louise is a member of the BVNA Council & the VN Futures Career Progression Working Group which she is very proud of. Louise is keen to encourage VNs to view their career as one huge opportunity, to encourage lifelong learning, to find their niche and to know and value their self worth.

Louise is truly passionate and proud of the veterinary nursing profession and hopes to help inspire and empower other VNs to enjoy their careers as much as she does hers.